#COP21: WWF-UK Reaction To #ParisAgreement



In response to the historic agreement WWF-UK Chief Executive David Nussbaum said: “For the first time, almost 200 countries have agreed on a landmark deal on climate change action for all. This Paris Agreement is a deal for both people and planet.

“The vision to keep global warming below 1.5°C provides the mandate to press on in our efforts to tackle climate change.  Starting with countries revisiting their existing commitments before they come into force in 2020.

“The five-yearly reviews provide a mechanism to address the gap between the current pledges by countries and effective protection for people and planet.

“The deal also lays the foundations for financing the transition to a low-carbon future.

“UK ministers have played a significant role in Paris, on key issues like pre-2020 ambition and the long term goal.

“Paris is just the starting gun for the race towards a low-carbon future.  Britain cannot wait on the starting blocks back home while others get ahead.

“We must implement our world-leading Climate Change Act by taking bold steps to build a sustainable economy.  This means boosting renewables and protecting our natural environment from the risks of climate change.

“Many of the Government’s pre-Paris policies now look out of step with the accelerating global direction of travel.

“The government could get back on the front foot by investing in renewables, ending support for oil and gas, and cutting both bills and emissions with an ambitious energy efficiency programme.

“This deal sends a clear signal to investors to support the inevitable transition to a low-carbon future in which people and nature thrive.”


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