DfT Urged To Consider Major Opportunity Of Sustainable Transport For UK plc



Clare Wenner, Head of Renewable Transport at the Renewable Energy Association, has reacted to the report from the Environmental Audit Committee on Sustainability in the Department for Transport with the following statements:

“Sustainable transport is essential for the future prosperity of the UK. The economy literally cannot function optimally if our cities are clogged with pollution and our consumers handicapped by poor air quality.


Sustainable transport represents a huge opportunity for UK plc


“Sustainable transport represents a huge opportunity for UK plc not only in promoting our new electric vehicle industry but also in demonstrating the value of our low-carbon fuels, which are now made mostly from waste. These industries are innovative, eager, and need government to play a more positive role in supporting them to the benefits of consumers and the economy.

“We are one of the many stakeholders concerned that the DfT will not meet their legally binding 2020 renewable energy targets. We urge them to work closely with BEIS and other departments to form a clear strategy for renewable fuels and electric vehicle uptake, not only for the short term, but for the coming decades.”



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