E-petition asks government to enforce fairer energy bills



A new e-petition, launched by consumer group MoneySuperMarket, is calling on the government to force energy companies to pass on the reductions made through green levy cuts to all customers in their energy bills.

The calls follow claims that savings were not being passed onto all customers at all energy firms, and that only two of all the big six suppliers – Npower, British Gas, EDF, E.ON, SSE and Scottish Power – had done this.

All six ramped up their energy bill prices at the back end of 2013, with Npower’s 10.4% hike the largest of the mainstream suppliers. Two leading renewable energy firms, Good Energy and Ecotricity broke the mould in November when they announced winter price freezes until the end of March.

The government swiftly made cuts to social and environmental taxes in response to the price hikes, removing some green obligations and instead placing the taxes into general taxation. They were accused of putting sticking plasters” on the issue of energy prices.

Scottish Power became the latest big six firm to pass on the energy bill reductions back to some customers this week, but not all have done so. MoneySuperMarket has said that many people on fixed deals with the big suppliers were as yet not benefiting.

Clare Francis, editor-in-chief, said, “While the government announcement was an attempt to help struggling households cope with the rising cost of their energy bills, the silence from some suppliers has been deafening”.

“British Gas and SSE have done the right thing and said all customers will benefit from the reduced cost of levies, and British Gas has already introduced its lower prices. However, the worry remains that suppliers will not embrace the spirit of change so the government should step in to push for this to make the difference intended”.

Commenting on the e-petition the consumer group is leading, Francis said, “We ask the government to challenge the other energy providers to play fair and help households by passing on the full reduction to all customers”.

She added that consumers were fed up of being forced to choose between eating, heating, lighting and fighting back against high bills.

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