Eco-Friendly Homeowners Lower Carbon Footprints through Greater Air Conditioner Efficiency



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Sustainability is a greater concern than ever for homeowners throughout the United States. According to recent polls, 68% of homeowners want a property that is environmentally friendly.

There are a lot of ways that you can lower the carbon footprint of your home. One of the most important steps is to design your home to be more energy efficient. However, you should also find ways to improve the efficiency of specific energy sinks in your home, such as your air conditioner.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning is Incredibly Important

Air conditioning creates 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. It also accounts for 6% of all electricity usage. If you want to protect the planet, then you should make it a priority to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning.

Of course, the greenest option would be to not run an air conditioner at all, but you aren’t exactly making sustainability a priority in the middle of summer. Life in the hot summer days is never great without an air conditioner.

The air conditioning is going to help with keeping cool and maintain a healthy temperature inside your home. But what becomes painful is the electricity bill which takes away all the coolness of life. Looking ahead, there are some energy efficient ways in which one can easily improve the efficiency of their overall system as well as save money on it. The window AC power consumption varies quite a bit making it a considerable option too or maybe some green alternatives to air conditioners. These are designed by experts to make the air conditioner operate better with great efficiency during the summer days.

Using fan in better way

During the summer season, the ceiling fans can be great. It might be a concept of people that fans lower the temperature inside the house. But it’s not a fact and the ceiling fans trap the warm air at the ceiling and then circulate the cool air down below. So, it’s important that if you are using the Air conditioner then don’t run the fan as they can add up to your electricity bill. The fan on its own can be a great way to lower your carbon footprint, though.

Here comes some best ways other than the above to help increase the air conditioners efficiency.

Best ways to increase AC efficiency to save money and the environment

  1. Get your system checked by the local HVAC professional. This can be done best when it’s checked by trained professionals and will uncover any of the underlying performance issues disturbing proper operation of the system. Added to that its must that the Air Conditioner must take a regular servicing which will extend the life of the air conditioning system as well as help saving money for long time.
  2. A regular cleanup is must with the outdoor units of your system that would help with free and clear circulation of air for better operation even at peak efficiency. Most of the time the system gets blocked by the debris or certain vegetation. This will have to work much harder but once the area remains clean it will be really easy. The users must take care of leaves piled on the surface in the winter season as well as cut back the tall grasses, shrubs which are grown around the unit. Above all, it’s important to keep the area cleaner which will make the system more effective with cooling as well as efficient in running.
  3. AC users can upgrade the insulation in the Attic as well as walls. Because insulation is the way that just doesn’t keep you warm in the winter. At the same time, it also helps with keeping your home cooler in the summer’s season by moving the cool air inside. But if the insulation in the attic and walls are deficient then the energy that one uses to cool home will get radiated outside. Which will result the system to work harder than it’s needed to keep the coolness inside the home.
  4. Try to expose the ducts into the garage or any open spaces, basements or even to the utility rooms. If you don’t do so, then the cool air inside the ducts will warm up before it gets to where it must get to. With the addition of an insulating system around will expose the ducts of the AC system and make it more efficient. This is really going to make better difference in the summertime heating as well as is confirmed to reduce the electricity bill charges.
  5. Installing ceiling fans would be a better option because adding ceiling fans to home is one of the simplest and effective ways for circulating air as well as keep the space cooler.
  6. Try to keep the indoor vents clear and clean it regularly. Because it’s the vents of the HVAC system which is a significant device in distributing cool air completely across the home. If these are blocked by any object then they are surely going to block the air which would maintain coolness and would cause you to run AC on least of temperature which will consume more power. So, it’s always smart to vacuum out the vents by professional cleaners to ensure that the flow of air is freely occurring across the air conditioning system.
  7. Installation of a smart thermostat by providing a low energy costs subjective. This can be done with adjusting the thermostat manually by setting the temperature higher before the users move out of the house and then turning it down at the night time. Even smarter thing will be to remove the old thermostat with the new and smarter thermostat. These can help with adjusting the temperature automatically as per the set schedule. This can also be connected to the Wi-Fi system when you can even adjust the temperature remotely from your smart phone. Even today there are most energy- efficient air conditioner brands available that would help with automatic thermostat regulation. These are indeed helpful with increasing efficiency without hampering the electric power supply.
  8. The most natural way to increase the air conditioners efficiency during the summer can be to naturally cool down the sun power. This can be done with adjusting the interior of your home which can be to close the curtains or even blind them when the sun it at pick on that side of your home.
  9. The old fashioned incandescent light bulbs are a good source to release good amount of heat. So, you can easily replace them with the new LED models which are not just more energy efficient but also produce less of heat. So, with reducing the amount of heat it produces within the home one can also put less of stress on the air conditioning system during the heat time of the day.
  10. Avoid appliances that generate heat during the day time. These are particularly the driers, dishwashers as well as ovens. When temperature is high during the day time, using this would add some more of temperature to the space. So once sun downs the heat will start moving all together inside the house.

These tips can make a huge difference.

Use Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Hacks to Save the Planet (and Your Wallet)

Air conditioning is a better way to enjoy your summer and chilling inside your own space. So manage these above ways in which one can very easily and efficiently take the best ways to increase the air conditioning efficiency during the summer days.


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