EDF to buy Welsh tidal electricity



Energy giant EDF has signed a deal to buy electricity produced by tidal power generator DeltaStream in Wales, which is expected to generate clean and reliable energy within weeks, in a move that could significantly boost the growing sector.

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The tidal project off the coast of Wales in Ramsey Sound will generate “green, sustainable and predictable tidal power”, within weeks after having been installed, according to developers.

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), EDF has signed a 12-month contract to buy electricity at a pre-agreed price, therefore giving more security to investors.

Martin Murphy, managing director of Tidal Energy Ltd (TEL), which owns the DeltaStream unit, said, “DeltaStream is not just about proving a new, innovative technology – it is about proving that tidal power can make a real and lasting contribution towards the UK’s renewable energy targets and energy security.

“Taking the first steps to commercialisation, by securing a buyer for the electricity generated, is essential to that. We are proud that this cutting-edge project is, once-again breaking new ground, and ensuring Wales is playing a central role in the race to develop the UK’s significant tidal resources.

Dan Brimelow, export sales and procurement manager at EDF Energy, added, “The UK needs electricity generation from a range of low carbon sources. Technologies like tidal power help improve the diversity of electricity supplies and reduce our reliance on imported energy which is good for the country’s future energy security.”

Marine energy is a growing sector in the UK. Recently, the Crown Estate invested £10 million in the MeyGen tidal power development in Pentland Firth, Scotland and earlier announced five new development zones in the UK.

Photo: Tidal Energy Ltd

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