Government poll: 77% of Britons support renewable energy



Public support for clean energy has remained strong, according to a government survey that also reveals only 5% of households actively object to renewables.

The latest Public Attitude Tracking Survey, conducted to monitor people’s reaction to energy policies for December 2013, confirms that over three-quarters (77%) of British adults support renewable energy.

The figure, revealed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is 1% higher compared to the previous poll in September but 2% lower compared to September 2012.

The survey also said that more people know about renewable heat, with 44% feeling positive about it.

More people among UK public are aware of shale gas – 52% compared to a previous 32% – with 27% of people in support and 21% against. Almost half of respondents said they neither supported nor opposed it.

Support for nuclear energy remained unchanged, as well as the opposition to it, while concern over paying energy bills still affected almost half of the population.

Only four in 10 people said they trusted their energy supplier to tell them about the best tariffs and 32% of respondents said they might switch energy provider soon.

Attitude towards energy efficiency and concern over energy security have remained unchanged, but more people have switched off their heating this winter because of concerns over energy bills. This is in line with another survey by, which revealed in January that 73% of people decided to leave their heating off despite the cold temperatures.

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