Govt Must Restore Investor Confidence in UK energy sector, Warn MPs – Friends of the Earth reaction



Govt must restore investor confidence in UK energy sector, warn MPs – Friends of the Earth reaction 

Responding to a report today (Thursday, 3 March 2016) by a committee of MPs warning that there is increased nervousness among some investors looking at energy projects in the UK, Friends of the Earth renewable energy campaigner Alasdair Cameron said:

“MPs are right to slam the Treasury-led Government mess that’s being made of UK energy policy. It’s driving away investment and making it much harder to build a clean power system fit for the 21st century.

“Constant ministerial attacks on renewable energy have confused and frustrated businesses and investors, and this will inevitably lead to more expensive electricity and more pollution.

“The government must take a forward-looking approach to our energy needs. This means pulling the plug on climate-wrecking fossil fuels, and getting behind energy efficiency and Britain’s huge wind, wave and solar potential.”


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