How Eco-Friendly Texans Can Save on Energy



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Texas may not be known for its commitment to sustainability. It is the home of former governor Rick Perry, who was a notorious climate change denier that sued the DEA eight times before becoming the head of the environmental organization.

However, sustainability is becoming a greater concern to many people living in Texas. In fact, despite its reputation, Texas actually leads the country in terms of sustainable energy. Texas is the fifth largest solar producing state in the country and creates 5% of the nation’s solar energy.

There are plenty of opportunities for eco-friendly Texans to save money on energy. However, they need to do their research.

Ways Eco-Friendly Customers Can Save on Energy in Texas

Whether you are a newcomer to the Lone Star State or a long-time resident, you will need to find ways on how you can save more money on electricity. This is going to involve both shifting towards a focus on renewable energy, using energy efficient appliances and reviewing your energy provider options carefully.

Regardless of where you are living, you could be paying an average of 8.97 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is lower compared to the national average, but you can bring your energy costs further down as summer approaches. You can save even more if you know how to embrace sustainability.

Apart from insulating your home and upgrading your lighting system with LED bulbs, you will also need to pick an energy provider. If you are purchasing a new home or planning to switch electricity providers, this guide should help you make the right choice.

1. Invest in solar energy

Texas is a great state for renewable energy. You will want to consider investing in solar panels for your home. Last year, a new installation helped Texas expand solar capacity by 2.5 GW. You can take advantage of the growing opportunity to use solar energy to save money and help the planet if you live in the Lone Star State.

Demand for solar energy currently exceeds supply, but that will change soon.

2. Know how much it would cost to switch providers

If you are switching energy providers, you will have to review your current energy plan. Your provider could require a termination fee if your contract is still in effect. To be sure, you need to check the status of your current plan and find out its date of expiration. From there, you can opt to wait until the current plan expires so you can transition to another energy company at no additional cost. This will also ease up the process of finding a new provider that offers cheaper rates.

3. Consider the location you are in

Another important factor to consider is the city or county you are in. As a state that has a deregulated energy market, Texas offers homeowners numerous energy options through more than 120 energy companies. However, privately-owned companies are limited to the areas they are servicing. In addition, some areas lack a competitive energy market so you have fewer choices. Regardless of where you are moving in, you might want to get a list of local electric companies to see if you have the advantage of choice.

4. Look towards other forms of affordable green energy

We mentioned that solar energy is very beneficial. However, there are other types of renewable energy that are worth exploring. There is also a growing market for geothermal energy in Texas.

The renewable energy market in Texas is surging and environmentally-conscious homeowners won’t have to look far to find green energy plans since it’s also a deregulated sector. For this reason, the state ranks first in terms of wind power and fifth in solar energy. If you have a small household that doesn’t consume much energy, you can easily find a green energy provider servicing your area. One of many popular options is Energy Texas which offers both fixed-rate and variable-rate plans that meet your needs.

5. Check for reviews or testimonials from existing households

Finally, before enrolling with a Texas energy provider, you will need to check if the company delivers reliable service. By that, it should have reduced downtimes and has a responsive customer service department. For that, you may have to check what other customers are saying. Go beyond the advertising and ask other residents about their experience. You can also dig deeper and find out if the company has had a history of unethical practices, such as charging hefty fees that were not disclosed on the contract.

Make your move to Texas easy by finding an energy provider that offers plans you can afford.


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