How The Internet Helps Your Business Be More Green



The internet is an amazing invention. It has made it so that people can stay in touch with friends and family, no matter how far apart they are. It has also made it possible for businesses to expand worldwide without even leaving the CEO’s home.

There are businesses out there that strictly run online, with absolutely no brick and mortar building. There is definitely something green about this type of business. They have employees that work all over the world, and all of their paperwork exists strictly online.

If you want to make your business more green you may want to take a tip from these virtual businesses. Here’s how:

Causing Less Waste

One of the things that the internet has done is to cause less waste. You can share things through email, keeping them in a Word file. You can use a site like Google with the Google Drive where you can instantly share information with employees and clients.

Many businesses are also now doing digital receipts, even when you shop in the store. Find out which places do this and you can have even less waste in your office. Print less and save more things online in the cloud, or even on a flash drive.

More Places To Advertise

The internet is home to green advertising as well. You no longer need to print out brochures or purchase business cards when you can be easily found online. Take every advantage that the internet offers, and save trees by advertising online instead of in the local newspaper.

Make sure that you don’t just have a business website, but that you are also using social media to advertise your business and grow your sales. You can get free advertisement on social media, and you can also pay to get your business more noticed.

Investing in Google Adwords is also important for getting your business more recognized and increasing your sales potential. Take some time to look into every non-print option when it comes to advertising and your business will be a green one.

Less Transportation

Working from home is a great way to save money, and doing your business online, even from an office, can also save. If you order products online, instead of driving to the store, you save money on gas, and you put less pollution into the air. Those working from home are really running a green business since they are putting far less pollution out there with driving.

All of these things are great, but you also want to make sure that the waste you do make is getting recycled so your are doing all the good you can for the environment. People love doing business with green businesses, so you may also want to make sure that you are letting your efforts be known.


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