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Solar energy is becoming more important as we all strive to cut our carbon footprint. Approximately 15.9% of all electricity in the United States is generated with solar power.

However, many people still don’t know much about solar power. Jinko Solar has helped make them more accessible.

Jinko Solar Makes Contributions to Solar Power

As a global leader in solar panel manufacturing, Jinko Solar has long set its mission on sustainability awnd the renewable energy transition, with philanthropy an integral aspect of achieving its goals. This will help more people enjoy the benefits of solar power. From assisting refugees learning English and aiding in crucial solar industry job training, to donating hundreds of kilowatts of solar panels, here’s an overview of some of Jinko Solar’s charitable contributions throughout the United States.

As a company deeply rooted in its sustainable goals, Jinko Solar is always looking for opportunities to help the local community and is especially focused on providing the benefits of clean energy to those who could use it most, including underserved communities and those facing the brunt of climate change’s impacts. To achieve its philanthropic mission, Jinko Solar works in collaboration with a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Grid Alternatives

Jinko Solar has partnered with the nonprofit Grid Alternatives for over a decade, donating over 1.4 megawatts of high-efficiency panels in support of the organization’s efforts to provide solar energy and related job training to low-income communities facing environmental injustice due to a lack of clean energy.

With a dual mission of providing clean energy and offering hands-on solar installation skills and job training, Grid Alternatives perfectly aligns with Jinko Solar’s goals of enabling a sustainable future with renewable energy. Together, this partnership has powered thousands of homes and empowered individuals nationwide with lasting energy savings and countless hours of job training.

“Ensuring all communities have access to clean energy is extremely important to us,” said Nigel Cockroft, general manager of JinkoSolar (U.S.). “We applaud Grid’s unique model which provides underserved communities with the cost-saving benefits of solar and valuable hands-on training to community members interested in building a career in the solar industry.”

Jinko Solar Teams Up With Re-volv

Re-volv works to bring solar energy’s benefits to nonprofits, cooperatives, and places of worship around the U.S. It works extensively with underserved communities and focuses projects around crucial areas of impact such as community development, faith, affordable housing, health, and arts.

Jinko Solar has donated over 135 kilowatts to Re-volv in support of providing clean energy to two important nonprofits: Serenity House in Philadelphia and the Riverwest Co-Op in Milwaukee. This donation has not only aided in expanding Re-volv’s efforts outside of California but has also enabled these organizations to continue to support their communities with thousands of dollars in energy savings.

“JinkoSolar is proud to support Re-volv in reaching its goals in providing solar energy to nonprofits across the U.S.,” Cockroft said in a press release. “As we are a company committed to giving back, we were excited to learn that the savings realized from our donation will be reinvested back into the respective communities.”

Helping Kids Kick Cancer

Kids Cancer Connection is a nonprofit foundation offering a variety of supportive services to children and the families of children dealing with cancer. It operates at over 100 hospitals across the nation, enriching children with in-hospital entertainment, family-friendly field trips, art therapy, and more.

In donating a 5 kilowatt solar installation to Kids Cancer Connection, Jinko Solar has helped the foundation save over $1,000 a year and put money back into its essential services.

Giving The Gift of Tech to Refugee Students

As a local Jacksonville employer, Jinko Solar has donated 70 laptops and a year of free internet to CCBJAX’s English as a second language program, assisting refugees in learning English to bolster their transition to life in America. With refugees often under immense financial pressure, this ESL program has aided individuals from countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, and Sudan in accessing remote learning opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable.

“The gaping digital divide impedes refugee efforts to assimilate to life in America. That is why it is imperative that those who are immigrating to Jacksonville have access to the resources necessary to adapt to our virtual way of living and become dedicated members of our community. As we increasingly depend on digital communication to work and learn, these donated tools may lessen their challenges moving forward. Thank you to Jinko Solar for aiding in this transition and allowing refugees the same opportunity we want for all Americans: the chance to build a better life,” said former Florida Rep. Al Lawson.

Everybody Solar Pays It Forward Thanks to Jinko Solar

Everybody Solar works to strengthen local communities by donating solar power to vital charities throughout America. Jinko Solar has been in partnership with Everybody Solar since the organization’s inaugural project and has donated more than 250 kilowatts of solar panels to date.

“JinkoSolar has been one of Everybody Solar’s greatest supporters since our founding, and we are proud to partner with them as our primary PV module provider,” said Youness Scally, executive director and co-founder of Everybody Solar.

Throughout their decadelong partnership, Jinko and Everybody Solar have collaborated on a variety of valuable projects, including the installation of a 9.27 kilowatt solar array on Patriot Place, a six-unit apartment complex owned by the St. Johns Housing Project that provides subsidized housing for veterans in need.

With this array, Patriot Place residents will save nearly $2,000 a year on energy bills, with minimized electricity costs ensuring the continued feasibility of subsidized housing in the wake of energy uncertainty and the always increasing cost of living.

“On behalf of the veterans that I am fortunate to call friends and colleagues and the entire Jinko team, we are honored to contribute these solar panels and make a difference in our community,” said Watson Occilien, operations manager of the Jinko Solar factory in Jacksonville.

Transforming Lives, One Panel at a Time

With nearly 50% of Americans saying they worry about the availability and affordability of energy, a renewable energy transition can transform the lives of Americans, reducing their energy bills by up to 62%. As a world-leading manufacturer of solar panels, Jinko Solar has made it its philanthropic mission to bring forth the renewable energy transition in America’s most underserved communities.

In an era where fossil fuel consumption is seemingly ever-escalating, Jinko Solar continues to show a commitment to those impacted most by this consumption and spread the benefits of solar to those who need it most.


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