Manufacturers – the price you pay for energy can seriously impact your bottom line



The UK manufacturing industry has a lot to be proud about. We employ fantastic people and make fantastic products. In fact, in many sectors we’re world leaders in what we produce.

Let’s face it though, the reality of running a business in the UK can be tough. In particular, energy prices don’t always put UK manufacturers on level ground with the rest of the world. High electricity and gas prices, and onerous carbon and energy related red tape, can leave businesses feeling they’re fighting an uphill battle to succeed.

The recent steel industry crisis has raised this issue to the front pages. Many commentators have blamed “high UK energy costs” on Tata Steel’s decision to sell its UK business.

However, you don’t have to feel resigned to high utility costs. At Utilitywise, we think it’s time to be more savvy when it comes to energy and water matters. With our support you can be smart, take control and reduce costs. In fact, many organisations can lower their energy spend by 15-20% through a variety of simple measures. From changing lighting, installing more efficient boilers and buying flexibly, to thoroughly investigating your bills for errors, using smart meters and implementing controls – the list of possibilities to take control of your utility management is endless. We can help you by demystifying the jargon and then creating and managing a tailored Strategic Management Plan to suit your needs. We’ll explain all this and more in our upcoming workshop.

So why not join us on 19th May and find out for yourself how UK manufacturers are taking control of energy and water costs and achieving significant savings. Whether you work in finance, procurement, energy or facilities we’re confident you can easily pick up energy and water saving strategies that will save you time, money and effort.

Strategic energy and water management workshop

When: Thursday 19 May 2016 10am – 12.15pm followed by lunch (plus optional free tour of MTC facility)

Registration opens at 9:30am with breakfast refreshments served on arrival.

Where: Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Ansty Park, Coventry CV7 9JU

What: Topics we’ll be covering include

Plan ahead – we’ll de-mystify your future energy costs.

Energy buying hints and tips – our experts, who saved £41m for clients in 2015, will share their strategies for success.

Energy and carbon legislation – turn your compliance burdens into energy saving opportunities.

English water market deregulation – don’t wait until next year, act now to minimise your costs and maximise your savings.

Take control with smart technology – find out how you can cut wastage by up to 20% with a mix of controls, behavioural change and Internet of Things technology.

To book your place at our 19 May workshop click here



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