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Yesterday, we passed the full month’s readership figure for September. Thank you to each and every one of you. Here’s the articles that were read by most people in the last week.

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The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015

The fifth edition of Blue & Green Tomorrow’s flagship publication, The Guide to Sustainable Investment, is finally here, in advance of Good Money Week. Read more.

Good Money Week: 3D Star Rating identifies four 5-star investment options from Threadneedle, Triodos, WHEB and Brookfield

Independent SRI Consultancy 3D Investing has developed a philosophy and approach to identify the real heroes of the socially responsible investing world. The approach is fully explored in Blue & Green’s recent Guide to Sustainable Investment. We list the top funds here. Read more.

Oslo becomes first capital city to divest from fossil fuels

The City of Oslo today announced that it will divest its $9 billion pension fund (€8 billion) from coal, oil and gas companies, becoming the first capital city in the world to ban investments in fossil fuels. Read more.

Consumers could save £2.5bn in 2025 with new energy efficiency feed-in tariff

The UK’s electricity market is distorted in favour of supply rather than cheaper demand management and reduction measures. New research has found that British consumers and businesses could save around £2.5 billion by 2025, and avoid the need for eight new power stations by 2030, if power stations were made to compete against electricity saving. Read more.

Renewables bring down the wholesale cost of energy, finds new study

A new report shows that renewables are cutting the wholesale price of energy and lessening the impact of subsidies on bill payers. The report has been published today by independent energy company Good Energy and is backed by experts at the University of Sheffield. Read more.



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