New Design Methods for Wave Energy Technologies



Arup has been commissioned by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to examine the analysis tools and processes suitable for robust structural design of energy devices, providing recommendations and best practice for future projects.

As the UK seeks to become more reliant on renewable energy, WES are supporting the development of innovative Wave Energy Converters. Arup will work closely with the organisation, as well as Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers, to investigate the methods suitable for analysing the structural forces and stresses experienced by wave energy devices during their operational life.

“These studies will assist WES to understand where gaps exist in our understanding that will require future research or development in order to drive the development of wave devices. I have no doubt that there are reliable technologies used elsewhere in other industrial sectors which can be employed in developing wave energy technology.”

–        Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland

Harsh environments such as the North Sea can impact the viability of wave energy projects. The study will seek to define standard approaches that can be used to undertake the analysis of the likely static and dynamic forces and stresses which can be expected on a wave energy device’s lifecycle. The report will also go on to explore expected loads for a number of wave energy devices.

“Arup is delighted to contribute to Wave Energy Scotland’s programme to address challenges in the industry. We are confident that we can add significant value to the programme, bringing a comprehensive understanding of structural loads & stresses and the required analysis processes and tools, many of which are applicable to the design of wave energy converters.”

–        Jacob Ahlqvist, Arup Project Manager

“We are excited to be working with WES and Arup on a project of great importance for this novel industry. A detailed understanding of a wide range of design situations is crucial from an early design stage, to ensure that all critical load scenarios are addressed. At Cruz Atcheson we work closely with a wide range of technology developers, and we can see how the findings of this study will have immediate applications.”

–        Joao Cruz, Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers

This commission follows on from Arup’s long-standing offshore structures experience. This experience includes a wide range of oil and gas installations, offshore wind substructures and a number of wave and tidal projects.


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