Public support for renewable energy remains strong



A government survey has found that support for renewable energy among the public has remained at around the same levels since last year, with a strong 76% in favour of generating energy through clean means.

The survey, which was carried out by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, says that three-quarters of the British public were in favour of renewable energy in September 2013 compared with 79% in September 2012.

The latest Public Attitudes Tracking Survey also said that support for both offshore and onshore wind, wave, tidal, biomass and solar has remained largely unchanged since the same period last year.

Although these results represent a slight fall in support from the findings of similar research carried out in April, which found an 82% support among British households to renewable energy, the latest statistics reaffirm the public’s support for clean energy production.

Concern about energy prices was also said to be high during September, with 48% worried about paying their bills. The research however, was collected between 25 and 29 September, just before the announcements by four of the big six energy companies with their intentions to increase energy bills by as much as 10.4%.

The figures were released on Tuesday, the day after 100% renewable energy company Good Energy released the results of a study that surveyed holidaymakers in Cornwall. 94% of respondents said that the presence of solar and wind farms in the region would not have any impact on their decision to return. Only 2% of respondents said that the presence of wind and solar farms would deter them from returning.

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