Save B&GT: a fifth of the way in five days



You may have read by now that Blue & Green Tomorrow has hit some financial turbulence and we are at risk of ceasing publication. The short version is a sponsor pulled out of our flagship series of events meaning we had to cancel them, creating a possibly fatal hole in our finances. But our readers have rallied.

Since we launched our save Blue &Green Tomorrow crowdfunder five days ago, we have collected £17,000 in pledges, meaning we are a fifth of the way to our target, with 22 days to go.

If everyone reading B&GT today alone pledged £52 (the average is £275 at the moment), or the equivalent of £1 per week, we’d smash through our target and be on our way to a healthy overfund. Just 3% of our August readership pledging £52 would allow us to hit out target.

Be part of the 3%. Thinking someone else will make the necessary pledge will mean we will miss our target. The money pays the living wage to journalism graduates, our hosting fees and keeps us free to access.

Be part of the 3% who keep us as a thorn in the side of the unsustainable, irresponsible and unethical – and a cheerleader for the sustainable, responsible and ethical.

We really need your pledge today.




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