Scotland’s renewables generation up by 30% in a year



Scotland is on track for another record year in producing clean energy, with latest official figures revealing the country has increased its generation by 30% compared to 2013, thanks to new investments in hydro and wind power.

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Figures for 2014 released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have revealed Scotland has increased renewable energy production by 30% compared to last year, thanks to a 50% and 20% increase in hydro and wind generation respectively.

Scotland’s energy minister Fergus Ewing said, “Scottish renewable electricity made up 32% of the UK’s renewable energy generation in 2013 and we continue to be a net exporter of electricity.

“Harnessing Scotland’s vast energy wealth has multiple benefits – reducing our carbon emissions, creating jobs and investment and improving the energy security of Scotland and the rest of the UK. And of course communities the length and breadth of Scotland are also benefitting from millions of pounds of community benefit funding.

“We are committed to making Scotland a leading low carbon investment destination, delivering growth from the growing low carbon sector and ensuring communities across Scotland can benefit from the opportunities that the transition to a low carbon economy brings.”

Scotland has a target of generating 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 and given the size of investment poured into clean power – marine energy and offshore wind in particular – the country is on track to achieve this goal.

A recent report revealed that wave and tidal energy sector is already generating some £217 million to the Scottish economy and is expected to grow by £50 billion by 2050.

Photo: Kim Hansen via Flickr

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