‘Simpler’ and more rewarding green deal launched



The government has reshaped its flagship energy efficiency scheme the green deal in an effort to make it simpler, after the project received criticism. The changes will see households offered up to £1,500 for installing double-glazing, insulation and boilers.

The ‘new green deal’ will give a £500 incentive to anyone installing energy efficiency measures within 12 months of moving into a new house, starting from Monday June 9.

Those installing two measures from a series of options will also be able to apply for a further £1,000 cashback, while people living in older homes who wish to have solid wall insulation could claim up to 75% of the cost.

The government is also preparing a Q&A-style guide to make it easier for households to understand the scheme, after it received criticism.

Speaking to the Guardian, energy secretary Ed Davey said, ”I think it’s much more generous. It’s also much simpler. We did a lot of research on what consumers would react to, to make their homes warmer and cheaper to run.

“Research also showed that people liked the ‘pick two from a list and get £1,000’ approach. We’ve gone for things that people most want – a new boiler, double glazing, cavity wall insulation.”

The government’s energy saving scheme was attacked by many parties, when it emerged that only a few households went on to actually install measures. In March, figures revealed that 1,754 green deal plans were in progress but only 883 installations had been completed.

A committee of MPs labelled the policy as “unattractive and uncompetitiveand said that it was not enough to help the UK meet its carbon reduction goals.

Photo: Chris RubberDragon via Flickr

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