Six Business Benefits to Installing Solar Panels



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Solar power has become an increasingly popular option as businesses seek out environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar energy is not only better for the planet, but it’s cost-effective and could save money on energy bills each month. It’s also an energy source that can be deployed anywhere, even in incredibly remote locations where other sources of power are limited. Businesses have plenty to benefit from in terms of installing solar panels – here are six advantages for business owners.

Cost Savings

Companies are always seeking ways to save money and trim their expenses down. So, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest influences for businesses when it comes to changing their energy supply is the impact it can have on their energy costs each month. Solar solutions can help businesses in a range of sectors reduce their energy bills, with some companies seeing a drop of as much as 70%. A solar panel system can deliver free electricity during daytime hours that can potentially save you thousands each year in your energy expenditure. 


With solar panels, you’re not limited to relying on a single source of energy as they can be combined with other forms of renewable energy for convenience and even greater value for money. Solar panels work particularly well with ground source heat pumps to provide full-scale heating in the winter months and air conditioning in the summer, without having to deal with a high energy consumption rate. Combining two energy solutions ensures flexibility in terms of how heat is generated for your business premises.

The Ability to Avoid Fluctuating Energy Rates

Electricity prices can be very unpredictable and with the demand constantly rising, a sharp rise in energy costs can affect your business’ bottom line. The UK has made positive strides in terms of meeting the demand with affordable options, but the price of grid-supplied electricity will also be driven by supply and demand. And depending on where you’re located, these costs can be significant. But with commercial solar solutions, you can skip having to deal with the volatility.

Energy Stores

A great benefit of using solar energy is the addition of solar batteries. Since your solar panels will sometimes generate more electricity than your business needs at the current time, so batteries are used to store the excess energy for use later on. Solar energy systems are usually connected to the electricity grid, meaning that any energy the panels produce that’s more than your business needs will be fed back into the grid.

Return on Investment

Solar power can be a great financial move for many businesses, as it delivers a positive return on investment. While you need to make an initial investment, most businesses find that their investment pays for itself within three to five years, after which your savings are profit. The combination of cheaper solar technology, minimal maintenance once the panels have been installed and the continuing rise of National Grid-supplied electricity make solar energy a fantastic investment that supplies energy that can be up to 70% cheaper than purchasing it from the National Grid.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar energy has a far lower impact on the environment compared to other energy sources – in fact, it has one of the lowest footprints as it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases and doesn’t pollute water sources. What’s more, solar power requires very little resources for maintenance so businesses that generate their own solar energy will significantly lower their carbon footprint.

In addition to being beneficial to the planet, it also gives you an edge over your competitors in terms of customers seeking greener companies. Going green in your business reduces operational expenses and can serve as a positive marketing tool, as well as helping you present a more environmentally responsible image.


Making the switch to renewable energy sources by installing solar panels is a great way to save your business money, improve your green credentials and help you avoid fluctuating rates. Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular option for the environmentally conscious as it’s a sustainable choice that you can use to gain a competitive advantage and increase your savings. For businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from the marketing potential that such a switch can deliver, solar panels are a brilliant investment.


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