Solar Citizens applaud Australian Greens’ announcement to back battery storage



Solar Citizens have welcomed the announcement that the Australian Greens new policy will promote battery storage in homes and businesses, but they still want the Federal Government to do more with renewables.

Today the Australian Greens policy said that to redirect money from fossil fuel tax breaks into supporting battery storage in homes and businesses, is a positive policy platform that can enhance an orderly energy transition already well underway in Australia.

Claire O’Rourke, National Director at Solar Citizens, said: “We welcome this policy announcement – battery storage technology is game-changer that will help solar owners become active, engaged consumers in a modern, people-powered energy system.

 “This is just one of many announcements over the last fortnight that shows the march to 100 per cent renewable energy is well underway in this country, and it is only going to move faster.

 “The Australian Greens have made a suite of positive, practical announcements on renewables, including todays on battery storage.

 “Meanwhile, we are still searching for the Federal Government’s policy for orderly transition of the electricity sector, or any real policy plan for renewables. All we have seen so far is the government cutting $1bn from ARENA and removing the grant making funding that helps to get cutting edge renewables projects off the ground.

 “We hope to see the ALP restore confidence around ARENA and its future in tonight’s Budget reply.

“Labor’s colleagues in the ACT Government are today preparing to pass its new 100% per cent renewables by 2020 plan, 5 years earlier than the previous target. This new target will provide certainty to industry and demonstrates a commitment to harnessing the great energy transition we are living through.”


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