Sustainalytics – 10 Companies in 2016 Getting Ahead of the Climate Change Curve



Sustainalytics’ is planning to publish its new thematic research report, 10 for 2016 – The Paris Agreement: Triumph of the Optimists. In short, the report offers a top-down assessment of the COP21 Summit agreement and a bottom-up analysis of ten companies we believe are getting ahead of the climate change curve.

The report finds that the COP21 agreement and country emission reduction initiatives will serve as a positive economic signal for low carbon technologies, including renewable generation, energy efficiency applications and energy storage.

The Report also anticipates greater interaction between investors and governments, partly due to the shifting responsibilities of a universal owner and the growing recognition of climate change as a systemic risk. Covering seven countries and nine industries.

The 10 for 2016 showcases diverse approaches to addressing climate change, from disruptors like Tesla on energy storage to Borregaard on petrochemical alternatives to Cisco on the Internet of Things.

Below is the full list of the 10 companies in 2016 that are worth watching.

Company Country Industry Theme
Tesla US Automobiles Energy storage visionary
Borregaard Norway Chemicals Alternative petrochemicals
LG Chem South Korea Chemicals Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage products
Kellogg US Food Products Driving climate adaptation in the supply chain
L’Oreal France Household Products Climate change programmes and brand effects
General Electric (GE) US Industrial Conglomerates Acquires Alstom’s power assets
Allianz Germany Insurance Moving from coal to clean energy financing
Origin Energy Australia Oil & Gas Producers Positioning for Australia’s solar boom
Cisco US Technology Hardware Internet of Things and smart city development
RWE Germany Utilities Restructuring of clean assets



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