The Guide to Sustainable Clean Energy 2014



In 1860, then-US president Abraham Lincoln described the wind as “an untamed and unharnessed force”. He continued, “Quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made will be the taming, and harnessing of it.”

It is anyone’s guess what Lincoln would make of the faults and possibilities of energy generation in 2014. But after 154 years, he might say we are long overdue in making the most of the vast potential renewable energy has to offer.

Countless studies have outlined just how feasible – and financially sensible – it would be to vastly ramp up our clean energy output. The economy would benefit, society would thrive and the environment would be cleaner.

What’s clear is that the biggest stumbling block is political.

The debate all too often comes back to aesthetics – and whether something spoils the landscape. Nimbyism (‘not in my back yard’) is quickly turning into bananaism (‘build absolutely nothing anywhere near anyone’). 

But if ever a document has existed to convert the most ardent bananaist, it is the Guide to Sustainable Clean Energy 2014. 

Blue & Green Tomorrow’s comprehensive new report expertly sets out the necessity, benefits and opportunities of sustainable energy.

If Lincoln did travel through time into this world of wind farms and climate change, there would be no better text to get him up to speed on the state of energy today.

The guide, now in its third annual edition; delves into the surprisingly distant history of renewable energy, dissects the biggest challenges facing the sector today, and asks what might be powering our hoverbikes in the faraway future.

Along the way, you’ll meet some of the leaders going to great lengths to bring about the low-carbon transition. Prepare to be utterly inspired. 

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