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This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, as part of the government reshuffle Owen Paterson was sacked from his post of environment secretary and has been replaced by Liz Truss.

We also discussed in a new study how rainfall levels are expected to drop by 40% in Australia, creating a drought and water crisis, in addition to how six tidal lagoon power plants could contribute £27 billion to the UK economy.

1. Climate change creating ‘water crisis’ in Australia

Richard Heasman: Compared to data collected in the 20th century, rainfall levels in Southern Australia are expected to drop by 40% – creating an Australian forever-drought. Read more.

2. Pakistani women paid $100 a month to make ‘Brazuca’ Adidas World Cup footballs

Richard Heasman: As the World Cup comes to a climactic end, Germany’s victory has been undermined by questions regarding Fifa’s choice to source its products from one of the cheapest labour markets in the world. Read more.

3. Tidal lagoon renewable energy plants could add £27bn to UK economy

Tom Revell: A new wave of six tidal lagoon power plants could contribute £27 billion to the UK economy over a 12-year period starting in 2015, according to a new study. Read more.

4. Liz Truss to replace Owen Paterson as environment secretary

Ilaria Bertini: Owen Paterson has been sacked as environment secretary as part of a government reshuffle, with his critics welcoming the move. Paterson has previously been the subject of strong criticism for failing to take climate change seriously, supporting the badger cull and GM crops. Read more.

5. Indian government’s first budget to boost solar energy and confront climate change

Tom Revell: The first budget of India’s newly elected government has put aside considerable sums of money to promote renewable energy and tackle climate change. Read more.

6. Sustainability in fashion for the future

Jemma Collins: On Wednesday July 9, the Guardian held a live online chat where a panel of experts discussed, “What do fashion students need to know about sustainability?” Read more.

7. Rupert Murdoch: Australia shouldn’t care for ‘overblown’ climate change impacts

Richard Heasman: Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corporation, in an interview marking the 50th anniversary of his newspaper the Australian, described the effects of climate change as “overblown”, and said that Australia “shouldn’t be building windmills and all that rubbish”. Read more.

8. Reader survey 2014: tell us what you think to win an iPad mini, Kindle Fire or a charity donation

Blue & Green Tomorrow: We want to keep writing what you want to read – whether that’s investment, energy, tourism, travel, banking, spending or other ethical and environmental issues. Read more.

9. Cabinet reshuffle: new energy ministers oppose green energy and support fracking

Richard Heasman: The recent reshuffling of David Cameron’s government cabinet has led to the empowering of Matthew Hancock and Liz Truss – who have both extensively opposed renewable and clean energy. Read more.

10. Australia smoking rates drop as plain package cigarette laws take effect

Richard Heasman: The Australian government has recently announced a 15% reduction in the amount of people smoking, as recent policy measures enforce plain cigarette packaging laws. Read more.

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