Trillion Fund’s 7.5% return on wind turbine investment set to close



The early bird offer of a 7.5% return for investing in wind turbines through crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund is set to close on Thursday 31 July. The investment opportunity has already proved popular among investors and is on track to hit its target early.

The crowdfunding project is seeking to raise £1.25 million to install wind turbines across the UK, investors have so far pledged over £650,000. Investors can put in as little as £50 into the E2 Energy project, which would see wind turbines installed at sites that have already received planning permission in Yorkshire, the north-west, the north-east, south Wales and Scotland.

If the current pace of investment in the project continues, then it would reach its target within two weeks, closing 50 days ahead of schedule.

Investors that put their money into the project before Thursday can expect to receive a return of 7.5% over three years, those that put their money in after this date will receive 7.25%. The project represents an attractive investment opportunity as the sites already have planning permission and the planning phase is typically the riskiest for wind turbine projects.

Investment will also be backed by five wind turbines that are already fully operational and located in Yorkshire and South Teeside. This gives investors increased certainty as these turbines are already generating revenue and covered by insurance for 20 years.

Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy projects. It has recently announced a merger with Buzzbnk, which allows investors to back social ventures, creating the UK’s largest social crowdfunding service. The merger could allow up to £500 million to be raised by 2017 to support renewable energy and social enterprises.

Research published earlier this year disputed claims that wind turbines have a limited shelf life compared with other energy technologies, making it an unattractive option in economic terms. Instead, the study said that wind makes an “attractive long-term” choice for energy investors.

Photo: 13dada via Flickr

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