UK Companies Promote Green Living



Business and the environment haven’t exactly gone hand in hand over the years with many ‘green’ initiatives being convoluted, expensive and sometimes gimmicky. Environmentalism and capitalism can seem like strange bedfellows but there is a growing sector of innovative UK based companies doing their bit to provide us with modern comforts and the latest technology in the greenest way possible so we can look after the planet without eschewing contemporary life.

Green electricity didn’t exist in the world 20 years ago but then along came Ecotricity who became Britain’s, and the world’s, first green electricity company. Now an established name in electricity, Ecotricity are using the latest technological advances to create ‘Green Gas’ to offer UK customers the only green dual fuel tariffs on the market. Ecotricity opened the way for up and coming green energy companies like Good Energy and Green Energy UK.

Carbon neutral and ethical clothing and accessory brands are on the rise, many with prices to match the high street. Companies like THTC and Po-zu are leading the way with stylishly designed clothes and shoes that promote green ideals, ethics, fair-trade and organic materials. Specialist companies like Who Made Your Pants promotes upcycling, reclaiming and reusing waste (but perfectly good) materials from big factories, and fair jobs for women.

Conventional water-fed central heating systems are fuel hungry, bulky, require annual maintenance and have to work incredibly hard to maintain a decent temperature. Offering a relatively inexpensive way of replacing or supplementing them is Verismart Heating who have a range of modern, sleek, low-maintenance, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly electric radiators. They can be simply installed without the help of a professional and offer a greater degree of control over temperature – temperature they’ll sustain without cranking up your bills.

Bottled water is an innocuous, readily available and often purchased item that often has a resource hungry production with a large carbon footprint. Tap water is perfectly fine to drink but many of us abhor the metallic taste from the sanitation process and use water filters to remove the tap water taste. UK based company, The Charcoal People, offer bamboo charcoal water filters which are high quality, eco-friendly products produced without chemical processes. It is a sustainable, waste free material and is ideal as a natural water filter without the plastic and packaging that comes with commercial products.

Holidaymakers can take advantage of green travel companies like Green Traveller who have lists of eco-friendly places to stay and holidays that can be conveniently reached by bike, public transport or ferry. Forest Holidays specialise in offering relaxing holidays in a natural environment.

It is wonderful to see so many companies finding environmentally friendly and ethical ways of giving us the products and services we already want, need and have. These companies are proving that you caring for the environment doesn’t have to ‘niche’, clichéd or in conflict with job creation and making a profit. If only every company felt the same way.


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