UK hotel industry could save £38m through water and energy efficiency



The UK hotel industry could save £38 million through installing simple energy and water efficiency measures in just half of rooms, according to SaveMoneyCutCarbon, which works with organisations to reduce energy, water and carbon consumption.

Following working with The Hotel Collection, SaveMoneyCutCarbon estimates that if just half of the 600,000 hotels rooms across the UK implemented energy and water efficiency measures the industry could cut bills by more than £38 million every year, whilst saving significant amounts of carbon to help the UK meet carbon reduction targets. Moreover, the measures taken would pay for themselves within two years.

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, commented, “It makes good business sense to invest in energy efficiency at a time when energy bills keep going up, and our work with The Hotel Collection shows how relatively small investments can quickly generate big savings.”

Sait noted that heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and hot water account for 80% of the money commercial businesses spend on energy and most can make significant savings by improving efficiency in these areas.

The measures implemented by The Hotel Collection are generating savings of £360,000 a year, or the equivalent of £128 per room. The firm, which has 21 hotels across the UK, made savings by installing LED lighting, eco-smart showers and tap aerators across its portfolio, as well as installing an intelligent heating and cooling management system at one hotel.

Paul Nisbett, chief financial officer of The Hotel Collection, said, “Water and energy efficiency should be on every hotel’s agenda as it can generate substantial savings. We are already saving £360,000 a year across the portfolio by implementing simple efficiency measures which do not impact on our guests’ satisfaction.

“These projects pay for themselves swiftly, deliver lasting savings and add value to the business.”

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