What You Overlooked When Looking for A Solar Energy Solution



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Solar energy is becoming more popular than ever. In fact, a September poll from the Solar Energy Industries Association found that a solar energy solution is the preferred form of energy. A stunning 76% of voters rate it as better than any other type of energy.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it foolproof. There are still significant limitations with some solar cells, which must be addressed. You must look at manufacturer performance carefully.

Lumos Solar System has shared some insights with us, which we agreed to share with our readers. Please feel free to check them out below.

Benefits of Solar Can’t Be Overlooked

Solar power has a lot of potential. It enables people to use modern solar electricity that can power lights, mobile phones, fans, computers, TVs and other compatible small electronic devices, giving you a better living.

Unfortunately, some solar cells lack the power producing capabilities to deliver on these expectations. Others have a poor life expectancy, which you need to be aware of.

What Should You Look for in a Solar Cell?

Here are some of the thing that you should look for when purchasing a photovoltaic cell:

  • You need to make sure that they actually provide clean and affordable energy. Some PV cell manufacturers don’t use clean production processes. They may also have poor energy efficiency. This is one thing you need to look at when looking at reviews.
  • You need to make sure they work for people living far off the grid. This means they need to perform well under a variety of nonoptimal conditions.
  • The manufacturer must provide the most efficient and effective support and technical services to its customers
  • The company must allow remote monitoring and data intelligence to keep systems running smoothly and minimizing the need for on-site technicians
  • The company must be a leader in designing durable, energy efficient, reliable solar power systems which are suitable for private usage
  • In addition to the solar cell, you also need to understand the importance of an energy storage solution. This is what will help you keep the energy stored that is generated at optimum levels. In fact, many families and businesses have already invested in energy storage system in Singapore. This helps keep the green power consumption from solar for ready use in your home or in the office whenever you need it.

What Are the Solar System Services a Good Solar Manufacturer Offers?

A dependable solar manufacturer offers clean and affordable solar power. The solar should provide an uninterrupted and reliable power supply which in turn enables the customers to charge their phones, power electronics, students can study all night, the small business can use the electricity for power on the devices that support their businesses.

It should also provide a 5-year repair service to its customers during the leasing period. You must also be concerned about maintenance and repair issues, because some solar cells break down more quickly and others come from companies that offer little maintenance support. The customers are entitled to receive repair services for the solar panel and indoor unit components of the system. Therefore, there are no additional or hidden costs involved.

The solar kit should include:

  • Large 80W solar panel unit and solar cable.
  • Solar control unit with 8 sockets DC 12V max.
  • USB mobile phone adapter.
  • 2 powerful LED
  • Easy self-installation mounting kit

The three simple steps to installation;

  • Sign up and pay one-time commitment fee. Easily install the solar panel on the rooftop.
  • Place indoor unit inside the house and access electricity by making a payment via the mobile phone airtime.
  • And lastly, enjoy the modern solar electricity, once the payment is credited.

Benefits of Solar

Here are the benefits of a solar solution.

  • Cuts energy expenses since the electricity generated by the solar system will meet most of the energy needs.
  • Increases business opening hours since it is controlled remotely.
  • Since it is noiseless and fumeless power it provides a better customer experience.
  • Low maintenance cost – provides rest assured free repair service for five years after installation.
  • Allows continuous access to reliable electricity.
  • Technology development – technology in the solar power industry is constantly advancing and improvements will intensify in the future.

Final Thoughts

A solar energy solution should be affordable, hence homes and businesses who cannot afford the high energy spending related to grid connection and generator usage can still get access to electricity.

In addition to that those not connected to the main electricity grid or suffer from low or unreliable power supply get access to affordable and constant electricity.

Lumos provides a package of advantages that needs to be embraced all over since it is environment friendly. The vision has always been to make lives better and brighter in our communities.


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