Why The Government Should Reduce Council Tax For Eco Homes



Environmentally friendly homes may not sound too appealing, but these days they are becoming a popular choice for people wanting to move. As we grow more conscious about the environment we are starting to take care to protect it in all kinds of different aspects, and now that includes housebuilding.

An eco-home not only benefits the environment, but also the people living there and the surrounding community. This is why eco homes should be encouraged by the Government at all costs, with rewards being handed out in the form of reduced council tax bills, this in turn will help people to reduce their bills overall and avoid debt such as outstanding council tax debt & with the process such as companies like Scott & Co Bailiffs enforce it would be a breath of fresh air for consumers to be able to reduce this risk.

Eco homes are created using natural building materials. This includes items such as recycled wood, or even virgin materials like straw and clay, which do not release toxins into the surrounding environment. These natural materials ensure that even people living inside these types of homes can benefit from things like formaldehyde-free floorboards, or low in volatile organic compounds in paints. Not only that, but these natural materials can usually be acquired much more cheaply than traditional building parts, so you can save money at the same time.

An eco-home is also ideal for water conservation. The best ones have cleverly positioned water tanks in areas where they can collect rainwater from the roof. This water can then be used for the garden, for the toilet, to wash the car or a host of other things. This means there’s no more need to pay for water that you don’t drink anymore, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re reusing water that would otherwise have been wasted.

Elsewhere, eco-homes are also ideal spots for alternative energy. This includes solar, wind, geothermal and more, depending on your location. Solar panels, for instance, can be installed and this would generate a lot less pollution to the air than the conventional way of providing electricity, as well as saving you money in the long run. The move to eco-friendly homes is becoming more common throughout the country, as people begin to wake up and realise just what kinds of advantages they can provide.

Nowadays it is more vital than ever to look at the environment and see what changes we can make to protect it. And when unique ways to help the planet are discovered, they should be encouraged as much as possible. This includes financial incentives to really get the message across that eco-homes are the future, or at least what we should be aiming for in the near future. Reducing council tax for eco-homes could provide the first step to really boosting their popularity and informing people that this is the direction we should be heading.


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