WWF Response to President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau’s New Arctic Protection Goals



Rod Downie, Polar Programme Manager at WWF-UK said: ‘We are pleased to see the commitments made by these two leaders towards Arctic conservation, including a pan-arctic network of marine protected areas, renewable energy production in northern communities, and safe, environmentally responsible shipping.

“WWF is  also highlighting the risks posed by heavy fuel oil and black carbon emissions from Arctic shipping at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London.

“Combined, these will help to balance economic development with the protection of the Arctic’s unique and stunning wildlife, ensuring a  future in which Arctic people and Arctic species can thrive’.

WWF Canada President and CEO, David Miller said: “We are impressed by the depth of the commitment to support a strong Arctic future for people and species. For too long Arctic communities have not had the support they need to thrive.”

Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF US said: “Today’s agreement unites the US and Canada behind a shared vision to balance smart economic development with protection of the Arctic’s unique and important ecosystems.

“The agreement rightly sets ambitious conservation principles while explicitly factoring in the effects of climate change and efforts to curb the emissions driving it. This should generate forward progress toward meaningful targets that keep the Arctic intact.”


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