5 Things To Consider Before You Decide To Live Off-Grid



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If you’re over the hustle and bustle of city living, you may be leaning more towards an off-grid way of life. If you’re serious about making the change, there are lots of factors to consider to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready to go. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are five things to consider before you decide to live off-grid.

Do Your Research

Living off-grid can provide you with tons of benefits such as leaving a smaller environmental footprint, as well as lowering stress and anxiety. However, it’s important that you brush up on your knowledge of what it means to be self-reliant. There are lots of free resources that you can make use of which can teach you all there is to know about off grid living to help ensure you’re fully prepared.

Find Realistic Potential Locations

When finding a location to settle down in, there are lots of factors to consider first. Whether it’s the type of climate, taxes, land availability, or building code requirements, the area you move to can make all the difference. When estimating the financial cost of moving off grid, you will need to consider commuting time and costs, especially if you plan to stay at your current job. You may also benefit from investing in a better vehicle like a pick up, as they’re very useful when it comes to living off grid.

Study Shelter Possibilities

Once you’ve found your dream location, you may want to dig a little deeper to see what options are available when it comes to finding an off-grid home. Whether it’s by purchasing an off-grid cabin, or you plan to go down the DIY route and build one yourself, there are all sorts of building materials that you will need to decide on before getting started. If you can, why not take a drive around your chosen area and look at what others are using for their building materials. When it comes to shelter, the cost, climate, and transporting of materials will all impact your choices.

Examine Your Water and Energy Options

When getting prepared for living off grid, you will need to find out what energy options are available in your chosen area. It’s important that you review solar panels, solar power, and battery systems, however, bear in mind that depending on where you are living and the size of your property, some of these options may work better than others. You also need to factor in water, as you may have to deal with well drilling or water delivery depending on where you live. The weather where you live will also play a huge part, so you may want to consider purchasing a solar powered weather station that enables you to monitor the weather. You can learn more about this here.

Establish Your Food Supply

When living off grid, you need to work out how you’re going to provide your food supply. Whether it’s by hunting or fishing, now is the best time to learn key skills that you can incorporate into day to day life as an off gridder. You need to work out the types of emergency, hunting, and trapping supplies you need before getting started.


Doing as much research as you can before making the big change, finding realistic potential locations to settle down in, studying shelter possibilities, as well as examining your water and energy options are just a few of things to consider before you decide to live off-grid.


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