5 Tips For Green Living In Texas



Even in a conservative state like Texas, the idea of green living is still taking hold of the hearts and minds of the residents there. Whether you’re into the idea of climate change or not, at least having a better balance between your own standard of living and the needs of the planet is going to be a positive step in the right direction.

So, if you live in that bright, sunshiny southern state of Texas and are looking for a few good tips to work toward living green, consider the following, including checking out real estate listing for inspiration, looking into local tax exemption laws, being smart about air conditioning, planting small gardens, and purchasing the most efficient car possible for your needs.

Check Out Real Estate Listings

If you want to know what living green looks like (or feels like if you visit a home that is all set up), look no further than local real estate listings. For example, if you live somewhere like Austin, check out homes in nearby Round Rock and see how they’re listed in terms of energy efficiency, solar power, and other foundational green assessments. You’ll find that the ones with greater overall value are going to have the most environmentally sound frameworks out of the bunch.

Look Into Local Tax Exemption Laws

A huge benefit for going green all across the country is the tax exemptions you can get at the end of the year, assuming that you keep all your records straight. You can get tax breaks for solar power, for energy efficient appliances, for water saving solutions, and so on and so forth. As long as you keep receipts and dates in order, you can save a good grip of money on taxes if you pay close attention!

Be Smart About Air Conditioning

Texas is hot! And that means that air conditioning is a must. So, whether you’re getting a new air conditioning system completely or just revamping your old one, make sure to get an AC systems that’s rated as green so that you won’t be wasting money on excess energy, but you’ll also be comfortable knowing that you’re doing your best for the global environmental conditions.

Small Gardens Can Be Great Investments

Living green and being sustainable has a lot of roots in growing your own food, even on a small scale. So before the next Texas growing season comes around, look into what it takes to plant a Texas garden, and get all of the supplies ready. not only is this good for the environment – it’s also a healthy option for you as well as a great hobby.

Get the Most Efficient Car Possible

Things in Texas can also be spread pretty far apart, which means that the environmental friendliness of your car is going to come into question. To be as green as possible, you can always look into electric vehicles, or at least purchase a car that has as good of an emissions rating as possible.



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