5 Ways To Create An Eco Friendly Bedroom For A Healthy Atmosphere



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You see, you spend many hours in your bedroom, and the atmosphere therein can cause serious health problems if you overlook them. While technology has made our lives better, there is a need to ensure that you have an eco-conscious bedroom for a healthy atmosphere.

That means you need to choose carefully the kind of paint to use on your wall and the type of lighting. Also, the amount of fresh air in your bedroom matters a lot.

Is that possible? Yes, it is. With eco friendly bulbs, natural flooring, house plant, non-toxic paints, and an organic mattress it is possible. Here’s what’s to try.

1. Non-Toxic Paints

It is inevitable that once in a while your room needs some new paint. Otherwise, if it is a new bedroom, painting is a must. Now, many people, even after buying an organic mattress and pillow still suffer from allergies when they are asleep.

That is why this article enlightens you today on choosing the right paint for your bedroom wall.  Toxic paints can be the start of many health issues you have never imagined like respiratory difficulties. Therefore, when you think of buying paint for your room, do not go picking any paint. Pick one with a low (or no) volatile organic compound (VOC).

2. Organic Mattress

There is so much you need to consider in a mattress despite the beauty, size, price, and weight. While all these may be favorable, your health may be in danger right from day one of using that mattress. You see, mattresses can be a suitable dwelling place for herbicides, mold, and pesticides.

Your body, therefore, becomes exposed to toxic things that can disrupt your sleep. Several sources show that sleep disruptions can cause health issues. Anne from back pain blog FreeYourSpine says, “If you often wake during the night because you’re uncomfortable, this can disrupt the vital sleep stages that your body requires to function properly.”

Herbicides, mold, and pesticides won’t give you that restful sleep. Therefore, eliminate them by buying an organic mattress made from plants.

3. Eco Friendly Bulbs

Bulbs that transmit light in one direction are considered to provide a healthy atmosphere because there is minimal pollution of light. These make them economical and healthy. Why healthy? Too much light has its consequences, especially on your eyes. That also comes with other health issues like headaches.

So, if you want to have an eco-conscious bedroom for a healthy atmosphere, then, don’t overlook the need for an eco friendly bulb.

It would also be wise not to have your bulbs too close to the bed especially if they have much light. That would result in high temperatures in your bedroom which would be quite unfriendly.

4. Natural Flooring

One first mistake most people make is to use tiles that are too smooth in the bedroom to create a luxurious atmosphere. They forget that some tiles do not have the capacity to avert VOC off-gassing since they are not pre-sealed.

Therefore, even when you think of a luxurious atmosphere, think of your health. In fact, some of the best eco-conscious flooring for your bedroom are not only favorable to your health but also durable. Why durable? Natural materials like wood are used to make this flooring. An example of this flooring is the Mullican wood flooring.

5. Buy a House Plant

If you thought a house plant is all about beauty, you are mistaken. Do you know why? This plant helps in improving the level of oxygen as it provides quality air.

In case there are things like perfume emitting VOC in your bedroom, house plants help absorb them. This way, your health remains intact. Also, you get fresh air which in turn gives you a relaxed night. The consequences are a healthy atmosphere which leads to a long life.

It would help if you were careful when choosing the right house plant. I have seen people buy them and they wither the next few weeks. Get them from a qualified vendor.

Final Thoughts

Making your bedroom have an eco-conscious atmosphere is as easy as discussed in this article. None of the explained things is too high to achieve. Implement each of these things I have pointed out, and watch your health and that of your loved ones take a new direction because of sleeping in a healthy atmosphere. It is true there are other ways to make an eco-conscious bedroom, but these discussed here are the major ones.


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