Campaigners Warn Cleaner Air and Less Pollution Needed



The Campaign for Better Transport has reacted to the report into the VW emissions scandal published by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.

The report says responsibility to prosecute lies with the government and the Department for Transport had been too slow to act in taking action against the car manufacturer.

Bridget Fox, Sustainable Transport Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport said:

“The VW emissions case is shocking on its own terms, and has exposed the wider scandal that almost all vehicles on the road are far more polluting than lab tests suggest.  No-one can hide from the devastating damage that vehicle emissions are causing in terms of air pollution and people’s health.

“The government clearly did not do enough in response to this scandal. Not only should VW be adequately sanctioned for cheating tests, but we must also be asking if new roads and more cars are in fact at all compatible with healthy air and a stable climate.”


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