Create a Buzz About Britain’s Bees



The Great British Bee Count got off to a flying start earlier this week. The six week programme organised by Friends of the Earth aims to help people find out more about the incredible diversity of bee species in Britain, the threats they face, and what they can do to help them.

The Great British Bee Count, which runs from 19 May until 30 June, is organised by Friends of the Earth, with support from Buglife, and sponsorship from Waitrose.

Anyone can get involved with The Great British Bee Count. You download a free app and use it to record the bees you spot in your gardens, parks, schools and countryside. Over 100,000 individual bee sightings were recorded last year.

You can learn more about identifying different bee species in your area whilst at the same time help build a snapshot of how brilliant the UK’s bees are doing. This year you’ll be able to track every bee you spot through the Map and Bee Counter.

You can download a free app or take part in Britain’s biggest bee survey to help track the migration of bees, the types of plants they feed on and how well different species are doing.

So far this year 4782 bees have been sighted and recorded. To find out more visit the Friends of the Earth website.


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