Earth and Family Friendly: 3 Methods for Creating a “Green” Home



With recent emphasis placed on sustainability and earth-friendliness, it is no surprise many people are looking to make their lifestyles, and living situations, more green. Living green can be a significant process, one that you can become deeply involved in. While some choose to go green by reducing and recycling, others have taken a more in-depth approach.

When considering carbon footprints and your impact on the earth, many people take a look at the home environment. You can make a small change, like using reusable bags and walking to the store, or you could construct a home out of cob! Included here are a few tips for creating a green home, if you are ready to invest in the process.

Start Zero-Waste Living

Being trashy has never been a compliment and it is even less so when considering the impact it has on Mother Earth. The newest trend is called “zero-waste living” and it is only for those dedicated to eliminating garbage from their lives. With the average American generating three pounds of landfill-bound trash each day, it is easy to see how going zero-waste could benefit the situation.

Going zero-waste is all about assessing your lifestyle choices and how to alter or eliminate them. Packaging can be the death of a zero-waste lifestyle, so you will have to begin taking stock of every purchasing choice. Using reusable bags at the store (for produce, bulk items, and more) can help eliminate those pesky plastic bags that fill the house. Additionally, getting into composting can help you find an eco-friendly alternative to throwing away food scraps.

Make It Yourself

Those DIYers may be onto something when it comes to reduce and reuse. You may be shocked to find out how many things you can make yourself for daily use! Imagine making your own laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners and more! Nearly all of these items can be created at home for a fraction of the price of store-bought.

Additionally, most ingredients for homemade supplies can be found in your kitchen right now! It may take slightly more time and commitment, but you can cut down on packaging waste as well as eliminate chemicals from your skin and local waterways.

Live Green

Finally, one of the biggest commitments to earth-friendly living can be found in the dwelling you occupy. Tired of off-gassing chemicals in your modern home? Ready for something with a smaller carbon footprint and no mortgage? It may be time to consider cob! For less than $5,000 many green zealots are constructing beautiful cob homes.

Cob houses are built out of a mixture of sand, straw, clay and water. These materials can usually be sourced locally and cost a fraction of the expense of new building materials. Cob homes can also be constructed quickly and are highly energy efficient, making them the ideal option for those looking to live sustainably and go green!


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