The Best Eco-Friendly Traveling Destination for Students



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Sustainable tourism is becoming a lot more popular in 2021. Global travelers spent over $338 billion on eco-friendly tourism in 2019.

Students are also interested in eco-friendly tourism. They are finding new ways to cut their carbon footprint while they travel for summer break or other activities. Since younger people are leading the movement for sustainability, they can also help drive growth in eco-friendly tourism.

Top Destinations for College Students that Prioritize Sustainability

The world has plenty of fun and beautiful travel destinations for students. Whether you want to plan a weeklong college student adventure or an elementary school day-long field trip, there are multiple culture and history-filled destinations to ensure your students learn something new as well as have fun on the trip. Many of these destinations are great for people that care about environmental sustainability.

It is also vital to factor in your budget as you make plans to travel. Choose a travel destination that will not deplete your resources but still provides the epic adventure you are looking for. Be sure to opt for a destination that will give you value for your money.

Below is a list of the best eco-friendly travel destinations for students.

1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is a developing country found in Southeast Asia. It is an affordable travel destination, often compared to Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia. Siem Reap is one of Cambodia’s most popular travel destinations.

The area is also taking a lot of measures to promote sustainability. There are a lot of great sustainable hotels and other venues, which students can patronize if they want to do their part to lower their carbon footprint while traveling.

It consists of affordable options for food, entertainment, accommodation, and transport. Here are some reasons to explore the region:

• Visit the largest religious monument globally: Siem Reap is hosts the ancient Buddhist temple complex of Angkor Wat. The temple is in Northern Cambodia and is an architectural marvel with a unique design. The majestic structure stretches across 200 acres and has thousands of Bas-reliefs representing important figures and deities in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Professional paper writing service experts can always write on the importance of religious monuments in Cambodia.

• Enjoy a stay at the Shinta Mani Angkor: This is a unique luxury hotel residence with an international reputation. The Shinta Mani Foundation, a non-profit organization that has improved the lives of many locals since 2004. The organization has played a vital role in training several disadvantaged Cambodians in hotel hospitality. As a result, they acquire skills in identifying unhealthy lifestyle choices when it comes to food consumption. It is also a great place if you want to show your commitment to sustainability, due to the eco-friendly initiatives that it has taken.

• Eat traditional Cambodian delicacies: If you enjoy eating new foods and discovering new delicacies, you should visit Cambodia. Several restaurants serve food that is healthy, delicious and made from natural ingredients. Some of them include Sugar Palm and Siem Reap. Examples of Cambodian delicacies you should try in clued Khmer curry, fish amok, lok lak, and somlor macho young. These meals are also highly eco-friendly, since they don’t rely on chemicals that are known to leech into the environment.

2. Kathmandu, Nepal

Another cheap destination that is definitely worth your while is the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. It consists of three ancient cities, which are Patan, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu. These three cities are home to the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other exquisite sculptures, monuments, artistic temples, and impressive artworks.

Kathmandu also consists of plenty of affordable hotels and hostels for students who are traveling on a budget. There is also easy access to transport and cheap food and beverage options that are simply flavorful.

This is a great city to visit if you want to help support a sustainable part of the world. It has a great sustainability rating from Good On You, due to its efforts to stop deforestation.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city, which is in Europe. It is a great place to visit if you want to be a sustainable tourist in Europe.

With many people describing it as a winter wonderland, it is the ideal travel destination for international students in the UK traveling on a budget. It is home to beautiful snow landscapes, scenic architecture, and Eastern European cuisine that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

The city contains a thriving cultural scene due to its numerous cultural shows and museums. It also offers plenty of affordable accommodation options and easy access to delicious, healthy, and cheap food and beverage options. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife scene and thermal baths.

Budapest has also started investing in a number of initiatives to further sustainability, as outlined by NBS. This is another city to support if you want to travel with a low carbon footprint.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking for an ideal student travel destination? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a perfect choice. It is an exotic and modern city whose lifestyle, pristine beaches, world-class cuisine, fantastic shopping areas, and pulsating nightlife attract many tourists. Many say that this destination has cheaper but similar vibes to Singapore and Bangkok, other excellent travel destinations.

Kuala Lumpur is a shopping destination that has plenty of fashionable shopping malls. It also hosts several prewar buildings, architectural marvels, and world-renowned landmarks. Some of them include Istana Negara-National Place, KL Tower, as well as the Petronas Twin Towers. Visitors can also enjoy cheap and tasty foods and beverages and even stay at various budget hotels and hostels in the city’s heart without depleting their finances.

Kuala Lumpur hasn’t always been dedicated to environmental sustainability. However, it has recently outlined some major new reforms to promote eco-friendly consumerism and business, which is a good reason for eco-tourists to embark on a trip to this Malaysian community.

Final Thoughts

With the summer break just months away, many students are starting to make travel plans. Not only does finding the perfect travel destination motivate you to complete the term with a bang, but it also enables you to consider various locations that you would enjoy visiting. The above lists of travel destinations are among the top-rated places to visit when traveling on a budget.


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