Energy Institution announces second Energy Systems Conference in June



The Energy Institute is hosting its second Energy Systems Conference in London in June. The event will bring together everyone from the world of energy to try to improve the energy system in the most sustainable way possible.

The Energy Institute (EI) will strive to answer the question: “What does an intelligent energy system for the 21st century look like?” at its conference on June 14 – 15. Organised in association with Elsevier, this biennial event brings together researchers, academia, industry, investors and policymakers to explore the most suitable and efficient ways to design, finance and build a better and more sustainable energy system.

Energy Systems Conference: 21st Century Challenges will be chaired by former EI President Joan MacNaughton CB HonFEI, who is currently Executive Chair at Trilemma, World Energy Council.

Joan MacNaughton said: “Energy policymakers across the globe are struggling to meet the challenges of growing energy demand, changing consumer expectations, and transitioning to a low carbon system at affordable cost.

They need help to identify the right policies and regulatory approaches and how to deliver them effectively. We are bringing together senior industry, academic and government representatives to provide that help – through unbiased insights on the technologies, the risks and opportunities which policymakers should prioritise to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable energy in the 21st century.”

The conference programme will feature a stimulating line-up of speakers from both industry and academia, including:

Michael Liebreich, Founder – Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Steven Holliday FEI, Chief Executive Officer – National Grid

Lord Nicholas Stern HonFEI, Chair of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy – London School of Economics

Doug Arent, Director –  National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Xavier Mamo, R&D Director – EDF Energy

Dr Leena Srivastava, Vice Chancellor – The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Alistair Buchanan, Chairman – Power and Utilities, KPMG

Abyd Karmali, Managing Director – Climate Finance, Merrill Lynch

The Energy Systems Conference aims to identify and address flaws and gaps across all aspects of the energy system including policy, investment, technology, attitudes, management and security, as well as examine new thinking and hear from real life case studies.

Following on from the 2014 event, this year’s programme will focus on the next 15 years, and look at the global drivers affecting the energy system such as governmental commitments and objectives, global climate change targets, technological evolution and resource constraints.

Over 600 papers were submitted for consideration by the conference committee, and the audience will hear from more than 60 presenters across three parallel sessions. There will be four themes running throughout the conference, covering global and systemic risk, lessons from the real world, game changing disruptions – the role of new technologies and engineering solutions, and energy system economics. Alongside this will be a dedicated poster presentation session, outlining some of the latest thinking on building a sustainable energy system.

For more information, visit the website and follow #EnSys16 on Twitter.


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