How to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams While Still Going Green



The days when you booked a church, walked down the aisle, and then threw rice as you were leaving in your gas-guzzling car are long gone, as most couples are trying to go green with their lives in the modern world. 

In fact, it’s estimated that over 70% of newlyweds are trying to go green with their lives, and their weddings as well. However, how easy is it to plan your dream wedding and still be eco-friendly at the same time? It’s said that green weddings are the future, so if you’re trying, then you need to know how to plan that eco-friendly wedding and still have the ceremony and reception you’ve always dreamed of. 

Choose Local Suppliers

Whether you’re searching for party “decorators near me” to provide the event decor or googling flower shops near me for your arrangements, make sure the suppliers you choose are local. While there are quite a few obvious benefits to going local, it’s good for the environment as well. 

Going with local suppliers means less gas and fewer trucks on the road trying to get the supplies to the venue for your ceremony and reception, which helps reduce carbon emissions and helps you start doing your part to go green. Ask your venue if they have any recommendations for local suppliers or do a quick Google search for local suppliers instead. 

Use Seasonal Produce

If you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding, then think of your menu in terms of what’s in season on your wedding day. There are produce guides online that will tell you what’s in season for your area, or you can ask your local vendors and your event planner instead. 

The closer and more ready the items for your menu are, the less chance they’ll have to be transported from long distances to showcase their taste at your wedding. 

You can even do this with your flowers, as flowers that are in season are cheaper, and won’t have to be transported to your location, which again reduces your carbon footprint on the earth that you’re trying to protect. 

Reduce Guest Transport

When you talk to your guests, find out which of them will be driving to your wedding. If they live close to one another, suggest they carpool to save gas and on carbon emissions. It’s also a good idea to arrange a bus or other form of transport to get your guests to the wedding, reception, and back to their hotels to cut down on using different vehicles to get there and back. 

Go Green With Favors

If you think about it, how many favors have you actually kept from weddings? They usually hang around for a few weeks, then find their way into a drawer or the trash. Go green with your guest favors instead by giving something that’s not only eco-friendly but usable. Herb kits, potted plants, seeds, edible gifts, and coffee are perfect favors for most guests at your wedding, and you don’t have to worry about the impact your gifts are having on the environment. 

Avoid Using Paper Goods

If at all possible, avoid using paper goods. For example, why would you send out paper invitations when you can send great invitations through email. If email isn’t your style, then there are biodegradable options for paper goods to look into as well. Choosing to avoid paper products as much as possible is a great way to have a green wedding. 

Final Thoughts

While planning a green wedding isn’t as easy as going all out and just doing what you want, it is possible and not as hard as you might think if you follow the tips above. You’ll have the perfect wedding you’ve always wanted and be doing your part to go green for the earth at the same time.


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