A Green Entrepreneur’s Guide To Cannabis Marketing Challenges



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Are you planning on starting a green business? There are a lot of ideas that eco-conscious people can consider. One option is to try starting a cannabis related company.

However, there are going to be some challenges that you will face when it comes to marketing. Keep in mind that not everybody is as eco-friendly as you. They may not want to buy cannabis, just because you tell them that it is good for the environment. There are plenty of other issues as well, such as the feeling many people have about cannabis.

Overcoming Cannabis Marketing Challenges as a Green Entrepreneur

A few years ago, our friends at Green Biz shared a list of several green marketing tips. Many of these are applicable to cannabis marketers as well, since there is a lot of overlap. However, there are some other issues to consider as well.

Did you try the best cannabis marketing strategies but get no results? These days, it has become too difficult to market the cannabis brand since a large number of challenges come across, and for startups, it is almost impossible to survive for long. Besides marketing the cannabis varieties on social media and through the official website, you should not forget about the state and federal rules, which are always taken into consideration by all cannabis providers.If you are looking for expanding the network and want to boost the sales, then you should bear in mind the following medical marijuana marketing tips that are meant to help you address all possible issues and challenges.

Prepare content to engage and educate

One of the most prominent downsides of the cannabis industry is that people who visit your site to buy weed do not pay any attention to the quality of content. Whether you are to sell the product online or want to target customers in the nearby colony, it is integral to come up with engaging content, the one which can attract potential customers in a short time. For example, you can begin by focusing on the best marketing trends and can write brief descriptions of cannabis varieties and products available at your store.

The wise and careful cannabis branding is always needed in order to ensure the success and survival of your brand to an extent. You should ensure that the product descriptions you write read flawless and are understandable for the target customers. While writing the customer-friendly content, you should avoid using the passive voice, as this can lower the quality of your product descriptions or guideline for first time pot buyers and other forms of text to an extent, leading the customers to feel bad and to switch to other cannabis providers.

Use social media

It is a common observation that those who are into the cannabis business often ignore using marijuana social media. It does not matter whether you have just started the business or are in the cannabis industry for years, there is a strong need for you to increase the dependence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites. The creativity comes when you know how to create professional Facebook pages and get more and more followers on your brand’s Twitter account.

Through these platforms, you can interact with potential buyers living in different parts of the world and can provide them with details of cannabis products and varieties available at your store. It is indeed one of the best marijuana marketing strategies, and more and more businesses are turning to social media platforms to generate increased revenues and to sell multiple cannabis products at a time. For instance, you can create an Instagram account where cannabis brands have already started selling their products in a significant number. You should upload pictures of cannabis and provide customers with complete pricing information so that they can choose the best product for themselves and can place an instant order through social media.

Use all ads methods for investigation

One of the core marketing challenges you may come across is that there will be plenty of restrictions for advertisement. For example, you may not be familiar with where to place ads and what kind of content is allowed to b displayed. For cannabis brands, it is always needed that the ads contain information about health-friendly products. It means you should not try any non-traditional methods of advertisement and instead need to give preference to targeted ads.

You should have an idea of your geographic location, where you want to sell cannabis so that you can insert details in the commercial and adjust its settings accordingly. Use the cannabis brand as a venue, where you are responsible for creating, advertising and hosting events. You may develop online events to get more and more people attracted toward the cannabis varieties, and on these events, you should either provide discounted products to all buyers or offer some free deals.

Learn all the material to become a connoisseur

It is not enough to become a leader of the industry and grow the business in traditional ways; you should be aware of how to make the wise use of media and how to interact with stakeholders or suppliers. In simple words, we can say that you should learn the basics of contacting with media representatives to promote the cannabis products and have to get involved in events where suppliers or stakeholders are present. This will help you give your brand reputation and recognition, and besides regular customers, professionals and experts of cannabis will get to know about the quality of your products. Maybe, it will make your competitors feel jealous, and this can add value to your brand’s overall reputation and can help you generate more and more sales.

Write your own experience on cannabis

There are chances that buyers will want to know about your personal experience and how you deal with cannabis varieties being sold by the company. For example, you may like to share your experience of using medical marijuana and let the world know that it has been great. You should not talk about the dark sides of the product or business and instead need to shed light on why customers should buy cannabis from your store.

Some of the sellers use testimonials as a way to let people know how their existing customers feel about their products. You may write testimonials or can share your own opinion while doing marketing. You should tell the truth, and if a customer does not feel satisfied, you should personally interact with them and convince them to try the product for once.

Conclusively, all of us should be careful while promoting different varieties of cannabis. The good idea is that you should encourage customers to try one of the products for once. After this, you can ask them to refer their friends to your brand, and in return, you can offer them huge discounts. These things will definitely help you grow the business and to compete with the rivals confidently.

You Need a Marketing Strategy With Any Green Business. Cannabis is No Exception

Starting a green business is going to be a challenge. It will be even harder if your business is related to cannabis. Fortunately, there are a lot of eco-friendly marketing ideas that will help you make your cannabis business a huge success.


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