How Managed Print Services Helps to Reduce Paper Waste



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No matter how digitized the world has become, paperwork remains relevant to some point. Although some companies have decided to go the paperless direction, some still value the paperwork a lot.

Over the years, paperwork has been used as concrete evidence in legal situations since it is almost impossible to delete what is written. Paperwork is not vanishing anytime soon since not every potential prospect has fully embraced the digital world.

Some companies dealing with many payment documents, e.g., checks, invoices, and volumes of catalogs, can’t ditch paperwork – no matter digitized they feel. Things are bound to happen, and technological hitches are not an exception. In such inconvenient events, paperwork is the best backup. Fortunately, there are still ways for green businesses to minimize dependence of paper to be more environmentally friendly.

If you want to reach out to multiple potential clients, paperwork is an ideal way, whether in the analog or digital world.

On the other hand, paper wastage is among the numerous reasons companies feel the need to eliminate it – this adds production costs.

Below is how the managed print services provide sustainable print solutions to help reduce paper wastage:

1. Implementation Duplex Printing

Implementing rules and strictly adhering to them will always have a significant impact on your company. Any time you execute the double-sided print rule in your company, it means the printing services are significantly reduced by half. This approach is actually recommended by the EPA for this reason.

Invest in an advanced printer that can automatically do the duplex rather than turning the papers manually. Don’t forget you have lazy employees in your company; they feel like turning in the documents is a lot to ask.

Double-sided printing helps save a lot of money since you use half of the papers you used initially. You don’t only save paper in duplex printing, but you save time for other things. Duplex printing is super-fast, especially with modernized printers. In saving these papers, you preserve the environment too; no excessive cutting of trees for paper production.

2. Introduction of Dual Monitors

A dual monitor is when one person operates two monitors simultaneously connected to one central processing unit. As much as printing services are essential in your company, but not in every case. For instance, if you train your employees on new company products, dual monitors can save the situation.

The employees can easily and quickly learn the details of the products since they can access multiple pages simultaneously. All that information will consume lots of papers since some require detailed explanations for each employee’s satisfaction.

Investing in dual monitors can be costlier than printing machines but may compensate for the upfront cost over time. It helps reduce paper wastage significantly. Besides the paper-saving benefit, it increases productivity in your company.

3. Print Policy Enforcement

A company with well-laid policies has an outstanding performance and productivity. Company team leaders should have rules of when, how and what documents to print to avoid paper wastage.

Emphasize the benefits of saving printing papers, and soon the employees will follow suit. Lecture them on printing simple documents like emails unless there is a dire need.

Some of the documents can electronically be transferred across the office. Only insist to your employees that the only documents to be printed are for customers. A duplex printing policy should top the list of printing policies; it cuts the paperwork by half, saving paper and money.

4. Print Margins and Font Size Reduction Automations

Reducing the printing margins and font size is another significant way of reducing paper wastage in your office. It may seem odd and straightforward, but it has a substantial impact on printing. In your company, lay a standard rule for font size and the margins to be used in all documents unless it calls for urgent changes.

The recommended font size for all documents is between twelve to fourteen pixels, whereas the standard margins for all documents are one each – both top and bottom. Extra-large fonts and margins lead to paper wastage.

5. Track Down the Paper Wastage

In your organization, some employees are careless, and they keep wasting paper. You may find dustbins stuffed up with wastes papers that can be saved for other printing services.

Some wastage can happen without your knowledge, but they can track the waste once you hire a print service management.

6. Deploy Modern Printers and Copiers

Worn-out and Stone Age printing machines can be a significant cause of paper wastage in your firm. In most cases, you have to print several copies before you get the appropriate printout quality.

You should do everything in your power to reduce paper waste. Managed print services providers offer you the best modern digitized printing system that eliminates paper wastage.

Final Verdict

The primary purpose of starting a company is to make profits and see the company grow. You want to manage all forms of wastage, e.g., paper, and cut all the expenses as much as possible. The paperwork in your company may seem uncontrollable and unmanageable.

However, if you invest in hiring competent managed print services, you have nothing to worry about.


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