Here’s How To Go Paperless With Your Background Checks



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Are you really serious about going green? You are going to need to embrace sustainability in every aspect of your life. There are a lot of things that we do every day that could be done in a greener manner. There are also some things that we do very infrequently, without realizing that we could find a greener approach. Background checks are a huge example.

Traditional Background Checks Were Terrible for the Environment

Many people grew up watching shows like “Dick Tracy.” They didn’t really think about how damaging some of their favorite detective’s practices were for the environment.

Paper is actually terrible for the environment. Many estimates show that around 40% of all waste in the country is due to unnecessary paper consumption. Using paper for background checks when greener options are available is an example.

Traditional background check services required a tremendous amount of paper. You would need to get up to 50 pages of the person that you were investigating. That figure could be even higher if they had a criminal record or very extensive work history.

The good news is that there are new approaches that allow you to do background checks without leaving such a huge carbon footprint.

Paperless Background Checks Help with Sustainability

A growing number of businesses are finally going paperless. This is something that has been in the works for around 30 years.

For any business that is taking on new employees, it is important to do background checks. This includes employment and criminal record checks. This is particularly important with certain jobs that involve working with vulnerable people or with large sums of money. In the past, these checks involved a lot of time and effort. In addition to taking up valuable time and resources for businesses, this did very little to help the environment because of all of the paper involved.

These days, businesses can turn to a far more eco-friendly way of doing these checks. Going online and using sites such as Peoplefinders in order to carry out these checks will benefit you and your business in a variety of ways. More importantly, it provides you with a method of carrying out these checks that does not involve the use of paper and having to print and send requests and documents. Many businesses these days aim to go paperless in order to aid the environment as well as save money. Doing these checks online is one of the many small ways in which you can help your business to achieve this goal.

The key benefits of using this method

For businesses, making sure that background and criminal checks are carried out properly and efficiently is very important, particularly in certain jobs and industries. However, when you have to send documents back and forth it not only makes a difference to the environment but also take up far more of your valuable time. In addition, it means you have to have the resources available to deal with this and it can take far longer to get the information you need, which can cause delays in taking on a new member of staff. This can then affect your business in others ways, as it could leave you under-staffed and could even result in the successful candidate heading elsewhere because they have become fed up of the delays.

There are other benefits besides helping the environment. When you go online to carry out these checks, you will be able to benefit from far greater speed and ease. You can get the information you need promptly so there is no waiting around involved. In addition, you don’t have to worry about finding the time or resources to get the checks carried out by post or fax.

Using the internet is a far more efficient means of carrying out both background and criminal checks, which means you can get someone into the post as quickly as possible. This will benefit your business and the rest of your team, as they won’t be left short-staffed while waiting around for checks to come in.

More and more businesses are now turning to the Internet to carry out checks such as these because of the convenience and efficiency it offers.

Paperless Background Check Services Are the Future!

Do you need to do a background check? Going paperless could be the solution. There are a lot of ways that you can make sure your background checks are done greener. Using PeopleFinders is one of the best.


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