How You And Your Family Can Be More Environmentally Friendly



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Although it’s arguable that a lot of the time, social media and the news can have a negative impact on society, it is also positive in a lot of ways too. If it wasn’t for the media, and ambassadors such as Sir David Attenborough and the content he creates, it’s highly doubtful that so many people in larger society would be as environmentally friendly as they are – and yet some still aren’t. Unlike twenty or so years ago, there is no excuse for not having access to such information and resources – as long as you have the internet or a television, you’re immediately connected.

Being environmentally aware is one of the most important things you can do in your 21st century living. We only get one planet, and its wildlife, natural resources and future generations of humans are to suffer because of what we, ourselves as humans, have ultimately created. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some top tips on how you and your family can do your bit towards being more environmentally friendly.

Be Aware

Even if you’re mega busy at work, or you’re in the middle of something stressful like selling your house quickly, you always have time to become more aware about your surroundings. If you live with a greater awareness of the different resources you use in your day to day living, then you’re likely to live with a more eco-friendly approach to the planet by default.

It’s all about starting to pay attention to the things that we take for granted. For example, take a look at all of your utilities, and become aware of how much you use them. How much hot water are you using on a daily basis, is the tap perhaps running when it doesn’t need to? Furthermore, look at your electric sockets. Are they turned on for no reason? Is there any way you could reduce the amount you use your heating? Are you recycling? Becoming aware of all of these things and taking them into account will immediately have an impact not only on your contribution to things like carbon emissions, but likely will save you money on your bills too.

Say NO to Single Use Materials

Plastic is one of the single most carelessly used materials on the planet, and yet one of the biggest contributors to the current global crisis we’re facing now. Have you seen the video of the turtle screaming in pain with a plastic straw wedged inside of its nostril? Well that’s not just a one-off event. The amount of plastic landfill waste in our environment is not only harming the land and the sea, but its inhabitants too. It can be really easy to remove yourself from this when it feels far away from your life, but it’s happening, and it’s happening today.

You may have noticed even chains such as Wetherspoons and McDonalds have opted for paper straws instead of plastic now. As a society, it’s fair to say that yes, we’re moving in the right direction, but more can always be done.

Think about when you do your shopping. Do you buy multi packs of water? If you do, then consider getting a refillable water bottle for each of your family, and using the tap instead. Likewise, if you look, you’ll notice that the vast majority of fresh produce, whether it be fruit, vegetables, or meat is packaged in plastic containers. Of course, there’s nothing you can do to stop this from happening, but you could change the way you shop.

Look at farmers markets, butchers, and even the loose fruit and veg you can pick up in the shop and place into a paper bag to buy, and consider making this change. It’s not out of your way, and it’s likely to be no more expensive, but ultimately, you’ll be reducing your household contribution to plastic waste.

Choose to Walk

Do you do the school run in the car, even though the school is close enough to cover in walking distance? Could you alternatively cycle or use public transport to get to work and back?

Last but not least, choosing to walk to local places like work, school, and the shop could increase the amount of carbon emissions released in the air – and if everyone chose to do this, it could have an incredible effect worldwide. Of course, sometimes you have to drive, and that’s understandable, but as earlier suggested be aware, and take the opportunities that are there.


Simple choices add up over time, and each step you take toward being more environmentally friendly can make a big difference.


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