Why An Increasing Number Of Farmers Are Using Biochar



The competitive nature of the agriculture industry means ensuring healthy crop growth is essential. Consequently, most farmers choose to use chemical aids and soil enhancers that result in higher yielding plants. However, much of the consumer market is now taking more of an interest in organically grown foods, and reaching the market with such foods could potentially result in higher profits.

Unfortunately, growing food organically is inherent with an abundance of its own challenges, and yields can be low if disease or a lack of thorough irrigation affects crops, plants, and trees. For this reason, more and more farmers are utilising products such as Carbon Gold biochar, which is a soil enhancer manufactured from natural substances using natural processes.

Primitive biochar has actually been utilised for millennia in order to enrich soil and stimulate crop growth, but modern products have advanced tremendously since its early form and contain advantageous nutrients and minerals that help plants grow stronger. This article will detail some of the main benefits you can expect from using biochar for commercial agricultural purposes.

Stronger, Healthier Yields

In short, biochar promotes the growth of resilient and healthy plants by changing the structure of soil, allowing it to increase nutrient availability and better retain moisture. Here is how those benefits are achieved:

– Mycorrhizal fungi – Biochar is enriched with natural organisms such as mycorrhizal fungi which maximises the soil’s potential water uptake. Coupled with the fact that the biochar itself has a honeycomb-like structure, the soil requires less irrigation to produce healthy plants. In addition, these fungi aid in nutrient uptake and help colonise plant roots.

– Seaweed – Seaweed extracts are added to biochar because they contain beneficial trace elements of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphate and nitrogen. There are also an abundance of other benefits of seaweed concerned with agriculture because it contains chelating agents, amino acids, and other growth stimulants.

– Worm castings – Worm castings have been described as a super food for plants because they effectively refine organic materials and consequently produce nutrients and minerals in their most usable form. They also help soil to retain moisture, which prevents it from drying out. In addition, they promote seedling growth and germination.

Key Benefits of Biochar

There’s a lot of agricultural jargon in the section above, but to put it simply, you can expect the following benefits from using biochar:

– Increased efficiency of fertilisers
– Maximised nutrient and water retention
– Reduced irrigation requirements
– Decreased soil acidity
– Increased plant productivity
– Improved habitat for beneficial microorganisms

The most reputable biochar products are approved by the Soil Associated and recommended by leading industry figures. In addition, you’ll likely suffer fewer crop losses due to the reduced chance of plant infections being an issue, helping you to retain your profits, protect your farm and grow healthy, stable crops. It’s no wonder an increasing number of commercial farmers are using biochar as a means to boost the productivity of their fields.


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