The Lazy Person’s Guide to Being Environmentally Friendly



It has been mistaken that the entire responsibility of keeping environment clean and taking care of it lies with the government and other governing authorities. Rather, it is everyone’s duty to reduce his/her carbon footprint and play his/her role to clean the environment and save its health from ebbing away. No doubt, the pressure is more felt on the states, localities and authorities; but, individuals should not detach themselves from this ubiquitous cause. After all, we all have been part of bringing the environment to the state where it is today.

You would be thinking that an average person cannot save the planet no matter how hard he/she tries. That’s true! But see this from a macro level where every individual would be engaged in doing his/her own part to save the planet. It is going to have a drastic effect. So, no matter what, you should not shy away from doing what you can to save environment at your level. Now, the question is when you are so busy with your life or when you don’t feel like sparing your time for it, how you should incorporate this role seamlessly into your life. There are things that you can do without breaking a sweat. Yes, you can be a greener guy or girl easily. Here are ways to get started.

Don’t use water and electricity unnecessarily.

It has been something that we are being taught from our kindergarten days, but little do many of us care to heed the advice. Your home might be located in the area where there would be 24/7 supply of water, but think about people living in areas that are hit by severe drought conditions or where water supply is restricted. So, whenever you go to the wash basin to brush your teeth, do the planet a favour by turning off the tap when you are not actually using it. You can also save water by adopting alternative ways of cleaning your cars, homes, etc. Besides, switch off A/Cs, TVs, computers and other electrical appliances when not in use to minimise your load on electricity consumption.

Don’t depend on imported food items.

Having imported food items might seem promising, but consuming fresh local food items is a better choice any day. As local fruits and vegetables are fresher, they would be high in nutrients. Plus, there would be less chances for them being processed or met any treatment to preserve their freshness and wholesomeness. Now, how this is going to help the environment? By not supporting imported food items, you would give lesser incentives to the import companies to grow their business and engage in transportation, which results in greenhouse-gas emissions.

How about hiring eco-friendly rubbish removal specialists?

Rubbish removal in Mosman, Inner West and other regions across the world is a task which needs to be dealt daily, fortnightly, weekly, monthly or routinely. Most of the residents, industrialists and business owners end up doing it haphazardly for the sake of getting rid of rubbish any way, any how. With the aid of eco-friendly professionals who do rubbish removal in Surry Hills, Rockdale and other areas, you would be able to have an environmentally friendly and easy solution to waste disposal. They know means to recover, recycle and reuse the waste that you hand over to them. This is far better way than to let your waste end up in landfills or in water bodies.

Live a paperless life

Start living a paperless life right away. Think twice before ordering a paper copy of every deposit slip, statement from your bank, withdrawal slip, bills, etc. If you are well wired, you do not really need to have a paper copy. You can receive all of them in the form of emails. And by doing so, you also work towards cutting down on your footprint.



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