Ocean Exchange Finals : Four KIC InnoEnergy Start-Ups Make It Through



Two prizes of $100,000 are to be hotly contested by the European innovators.

Four start-ups supported by KIC InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, have made it through to the finals of the prestigious sixth annual Ocean Exchange competition.

The competition is part of Ocean Exchange’s annual Call for Solutions. Based in the USA, Ocean Exchange is an international platform that works to accelerate the adoption by industry of innovations that positively impact environments, economies and health, while respecting cultures around the world.

The theme of this year’s Call for Solutions is “translating sustainability into value”. Applications were invited from sustainable and global innovations that generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing waste and the use of natural resources.

Fifteen finalists, including four KIC InnoEnergy-backed start-ups, have been selected to compete for two prizes of $100,000* at the Ocean Exchange Annual Event being held from 9-11 November, 2016 in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

The four KIC InnoEnergy start-ups are:

· C-Green – a Swedish provider of waste-water treatment solutions and bio-fuel producer.

· CorPower – a Swedish developer of a wave-powered renewable energy generator based on the pumping principles of the human heart.

· HySiLabs – a French developer of a system for safe, on-demand hydrogen production.

· Turbulent – a Belgian developer of decentralised, small-scale hydropower plants.


A key factor for us is that while these start-ups may be born locally, they should act globally


Elena Bou, KIC InnoEnergy’s Innovation Director, said:

“KIC InnoEnergy Highway, our European accelerator, supports start-ups in sustainable energy all across Europe. A key factor for us is that while these start-ups may be born locally, they should act globally. The fact that over a quarter of this year’s finalists for the Ocean Exchange competition are start-ups we’ve supported, demonstrates that we are addressing the global market, assuring both the competitiveness and sustainability of our ventures.

“This year’s theme couldn’t resonate more deeply with our own objectives. We draw upon an unrivalled network of industrial and academic partners to help innovators bring their concepts to market. Transforming sustainability into value is at the heart of our business model. I’m thrilled that so many of our start-ups have made it through to this year’s finals and we will be cheering them on when they set off for Georgia in November!”

*The start-ups will be competing for one of two awards – the Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2016 and the WWL Orcelle® Award 2016. For more information please see here



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