Online Gaming Sites Help Offset The Industry’s Environmental Footprint



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The casino industry recognizes that it has a terrible reputation for sustainability. Janet Kasperkevic of Forbes wrote about their attempt to turn things around a few years by focusing more on green business practices.

They have made some progress. Unfortunately, most of their efforts have come up short. The good news is that advances in digital technology have opened the door for a more sustainable gaming alternative.

Online Gaming Could be the Industry’s Salvation

Gaming is one of the favorite pastimes for many people. As a matter of fact, it has actually growing in popularity in recent years. Many people travel across the world just to play slots in Vegas. Nevertheless, what people fail to consider is that these practices have an environmental impact.  Here is how online gaming is better than conventional land-based casinos when it comes to environmental effects.

Energy Use

There are many things that affect the level of energy usage in a traditional casino. For example, one of the most common sources of energy use is lighting. Several casinos, particularly the ones that you find in Vegas are brightly lit. In fact, the lighting is so bright that you will be able to see it from miles away. This can be a big problem in regards to the use of energy. You will be surprised to know that casinos in Vegas use around 20% of the electricity that is used in Vegas.

However, the lights are just one problem. Another issue is with the gaming machines. Each and every gaming machine that is equipped with bright and flashing lights use about 250 watts each. One casino has many of these machines and consists of several types of them. The number keeps on increasing with time. Hence, it consumes a large amount of energy every day. This leaves out heating, air-conditioning, energy, and electricity required for running the hotels or the casinos. This when compared to online gaming sites. According to an expert we spoke with from NetEnt Casino, it is clear that gaming sites use fewer resources. It is possible to access online gaming just by using a laptop. Moreover, since it is mobile compatible, it can be accessed through the mobile, too.

These sites have an easy to use interface. This means that gamers are not going to face any service disruptions. All they have to do is register with the site and start playing by making a deposit through the easy payment procedures. In fact, by doing so, they might also get to win some bonuses. A laptop of phone uses far fewer watts per hour than a slot machine. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be on all day.


Second-hand smoke pollutes all non-smoking areas of the casinos. However, this is not even the biggest issue caused by land-based casinos. One study of 66 casinos by Department of Public Health and Community Medicine and Tuft’s School of Medicine highlighted the health epidemic it created, as well as the horrific environmental impact. People have brought it into light what the development of casinos and pollutants might cause the surrounding land and river.  Another problem is that of the sewage. A lot of people stay at the hotels that have these casinos. There are several places that are not yet ready to deal with the large amount of waste that people are bringing to the town. This is the reason sewage can turn out to be a major problem.

One of the biggest benefits of online casino is that people and the government will not have to deal with any kind of trash. Online gaming is something that can be done at any time and also with whomever you prefer. You just need to make sure that along with having fun you are creating a world that your child can thrive and live in.

Environmental Footprint of Traveling

Traveling is another big problem with traditional gaming. Many people fly from all over the world to play at a casino. They have to leave a massive carbon footprint to travel so far.

This is not the case with online gaming establishments. No travel is necessary, so this eliminates the environmental footprint of traveling.

Online Gaming Could be the Solution to the Industry’s Toxic Effect on the Environment

The gaming industry has been one of the worst abusers of the environment. Fortunately, new advances in digital gaming are making it easier to prevent environmental problems.


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