Paris Agreement Coming Into Effect Welcomed By Christian Aid



Today’s official coming into force of the Paris Agreement which will set the legislative framework for the global shift to a low carbon world, has been greatly welcomed by Christian Aid.

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Advisor, said: “The speed at which the Paris Agreement has come into force has been remarkable. But we now need to see tangible actions to follow just as quickly.  As Hurricane Matthew leaves destruction across the Caribbean we’re reminded that our climate continues to undergo rapid change and we are continuing to pollute it.

“The Paris Agreement is a triumph of global cooperation. It just shows that when faced with a threat like climate change the world is able to come together and respond quickly.  But the hard part is yet to come, behaviour change is always difficult but if we don’t change ourselves then the climate will force it on us.

He added that it was now essential the world kicked its fossil fuel habit. “The Paris Agreement was like a breakthrough at a rehab centre.  World leaders admitted for the first time they had a fossil fuel addiction problem and would clean up their act.

“The question now is will they stick to this new path or will they fail at the first difficult decision. Like a junkie coming off drugs they need to actually wean themselves off the damaging substance.  Their attitude to their Paris Agreement promises will be tested in the coming few days. It’s imperative that they agree a global phase down of climate warming HFCs in Rwanda next week.”


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