Practical Ways to Incorporate Green Living into Your Bathroom



Living green is not always simple or easy. It’s safe to say that a majority of people have a general understanding of what green living means. For those who are a bit unsure, green living means that you personally try your best to have the least amount of effect on the environment as possible. The more you can lessen your carbon footprint, the greater you feel, the greater the environment feels, and the happier everyone can get on.

You might think that living green is easier obtained in the kitchen or through the car you use, but there is actually a huge way you can live a less environmentally harmful life through making your bathroom green friendly. It really starts with personal habits. Here are some practical ways you can incorporate green living into your bathroom:

Conserve Water

Many are unaware of the sheer amount of water they use in their day to day lives. If you think about the water you use when you wash your face, when you wash your hands, when you brush your teeth-hopefully at least twice a day, when you use the toilet, and the shower you take every day for whatever amount of time you shower for, you’re unconsciously dumping gallons and gallons of precious water down the drain.

If you live in an area that’s short on water, you know how important it is to conserve. When you use less in the first place you’re not only cutting back on waste, you’re also saving tax dollars to have to sanitize and reappropriate the water you didn’t need to use in the first place.

Go Rustic 

Another less conventional way to live green in your bathroom is to incorporate the elements of nature into your features. Instead of using man made materials that only contribute to adding pollution to the world, use natural materials to make things like your sink, your floors and your shower.

There are some beautiful wall mount sinks that are made almost entirely out of natural stone. A granite shower would be along the same idea. Going rustic might be costly, but it’s sure to make you feel better when you know you’re using what’s out in the world instead of making something that won’t even biodegrade.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

This is a huge factor in living green. Not only are you exposing yourself to harmful chemicals when you use them to clean your bathroom, you’re also washing those chemicals down the drain into the water supply, and those chemicals are very hard to filter out. Go natural and chemical free with cleaning products like vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. Nature is full of remedies for everything. There’s no reason to use man made chemicals when something less harmful does the trick even better.


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