Prince Charles speaks out on leaving a hospitable future to his grandchild



In the year that he is set to become a grandfather for the first time, Prince Charles has spoken out about leaving the world and the environment in a hospitable condition for his future grandchild.

In an interview with ITV1’s This Morning programme, the prince said, “I’ve gone on for years about the importance of thinking about the long-term in relation to the environmental damage, climate change and everything else.

We don’t, in a sensible world, want to hand on an increasingly dysfunctional world to our grandchildren, to leave them with the real problem.

I don’t want to be confronted by my future grandchild and them say, ‘Why didn’t you do something?’, so clearly now that we will have a grandchild, it makes it even more obvious to try and make sure we leave them something that isn’t a total poisoned chalice.”

His son and daughter-in-law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child in the summer, and Charles’ call to action is a timely reminder of the inherent obligation we have to future generations.

The prince is a long-term advocate of environmental issues, and last year gave a pre-recorded speech on the “catastrophic” consequences of climate change inaction to delegates at the Rio+20 sustainability conference in Brazil.

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