5 Reasons A Garden Office Can Be Beneficial To Your Productivity



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With the advent of fast broadband internet services plus smartphone video communication, it’s not surprising to know that there is an increased preference to work from home whilst keeping in touch with employers and business associates. Video communication software and apps like Skype and WhatsApp make things a lot easier. Unless your job requires your physical presence, commuting to and from the office can be very stressful.  In fact, you are bound to be more productive without the stressful commute.

To help get the best out of your daily work routine here are 5 reasons a garden office can be your perfect work environment.

1. Avoid Distractions

Working from a shed in the garden outside the main home keeps you focused on the task at hand. Let’s face it; one of the biggest problems of working from home is the distractions we have to cope with TVs and family members. If you find a secluded place in the garden to focus on your job you will have cut distractions in half. Concentrate fully on the job at hand and avoid unwarranted distractions that Crip up just because you stayed at home.

2. Safe up commuting time

If your job doesn’t require your physical presence you can channel the time you use to commute to the office towards more productive ventures for the company.  The recovered time for commuting can also be channeled to hobbies and family activities. This should allow for a better family/work balance.

3. Orderliness

A form of orderliness is achieved if you dedicate a special garden room for office work. Apart from the bedrooms, all other rooms in a home are communal in nature and require that you either finish up your work on time or pack up unfinished work to a safer place. If you leave office papers and documents laying in the living room you are asking for trouble. A dedicated garden office will have shelves and drawers to help you stay organized.  You will probably have rooms for an office chair and desk to rest your laptop too.

4. Keep work and home life separate

A dedicated garden office can help you keep work and home life separate. There is no need to keep the children’s toys in the filing cabinet and you can set boundaries for work and home life.  While at home you determine when your work starts and when it ends. You will need a little discipline though, to avoid getting distracted.

5. Health Benefits

Believe it or not, an office made from garden pods is much more beneficial to one’s health than one made from bricks.  If you are skillful with A-rated DIY skills you can construct a dedicated garden office yourself or look to professional services to avoid the hassles of poorly constructed garden offices. At the very least, you want this place to look as attractive as possible.

Garden pods are an advantageous building material because they can breathe and move with changing temperature and humidity. They are also better at insulation and will keep the office environment warm during winter and cool during summer. Studies have also shown that natural or living building materials are known to reduce the onset of stress or triggers of stress. Take deep breaths in and out at regular intervals to make the most of your “living” garden office.


As you can see working from the comfort of a dedicated garden office has numerous advantages. If you are truly disciplined in drawing out a boundary between office time and home life you will benefit immensely from a garden office.

The debate of whether to work from office or from home still rages on but it’s quite easy to see why more people are embracing the idea of working from home.

A garden home can offer solutions to many of your office and work problems. All you need do is make an investment of a garden home, define your working hours and stick to them.


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