Scottish Labour Promise to Ban Fracking – WWF Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland Comment



Responding to Scottish Labour’s announcement today to ban fracking,  WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “We welcome the strong commitment made by Kezia Dugdale that Labour would introduce an outright ban on fracking and other unconventional fossil fuels in Scotland. The party’s very clear position reflects what climate science tells us and the overwhelming public opinion in favour of cleaner forms of energy.

“The Scottish Government’s current moratorium on fracking is not the same as permanent ban, as we’ve consistently called for it to become.

“As we fast approach the Scottish elections, we call on each political parties to keep their promise to publish a manifesto that delivers on the Climate Change Act.  We need to hear from each of Scotland’s parties how they plan to deliver on their promise to cut emissions and secure the benefits of low-carbon Scotland.”

Responding to Scottish Labour’s announcement today that it would ban fracking Friends of the Earth Scotland Head of Campaigns Mary Church said: “It is fantastic news that Labour have come out unequivocally opposed to fracking. A huge amount of evidence about public health, environmental and climate impacts from around the world provides a strong precautionary basis for banning this unsafe and unnecessary industry, and the Labour Party in Scotland have recognised that.

“Communities threatened by shale gas, coalbed methane and underground coal gasification will be relieved to see the growing political momentum to put a stop to these risky plans.

“Pressure is mounting on the Scottish Government to act to ban unconventional fossil fuels, from its own members, from communities across Scotland and now from the official opposition.”


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